2018 started with a big new for PLAY GOLF ON TOUR!!

FOUR NEW EVENTS have been added to the 2018 Calendar GOLF&SPEED

F1 World Championship Gp Austria

F1 World Championship Gp Great Britain

F1 World Championship Gp Germany

F1 World Championship Gp Belgium


GOLF&SPEED it’s a perfect opportunity to combine two great passions: play Golf  and follow F1 World Championship Gp. The composition of each GOLF&SPEED Golf Tour is the same for all events:

  • Two days where you will play golf, every day a different Golf Course.
  • Two days where you will follow the program of the F1 Gp.

Each event is organized with a simple and effective program. You arrive on wedsnesday at the destnation airport and later at the hotel, where you will welcomed by the organization of PLAY GOLF ON TOUR.

  • Thursday, after breakfast, with the shuttle we will take you to the golf course where you will play. At the end of the game, after a good lunch, we bring you back to the Hotel.
  • Friday is the same program with the difference that you will play golf in a different golf course.
  • Saturday is the first day dedicated to F1 GP. With the shuttle we will take you to the circuit where you will be present throughout the day for the competitions and F1 official tests.
  • Sunday it’s the big day of F1 Gp !!

In a short time we will communicate what will be the F1 Teams Hospitalty  that you can choose to follow, Saturday and Sunday, to comfortably follow the F1 Gp. Get ready because they will be very “HEAVY NAMES” !!