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Month: March 2018

PLAY GOLF ON TOUR – Golf & Formula One – The Golf Days

The format Golf & Formula One, as you know, is composed of two “sectors”

  • The days spent playing Golf
  • The days spent on the circuit where the Formula One Grand Prix takes place.

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GOLF & SPEED – Golf & Formula One, The Circuit Days

In these days, in Barcelona, the #F1Testing are testing place. These are intense days for the Formula One Teams, new car, new driver, new regulations such as the new security system called Halo (in the picture you can see well, it’s that “thing” in front of the driver). They are all busy preparing the cars for the start of the 2018 Championship.

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It’s a Golf Tour AMAZING EXPERIENCEit could not be different!!

Play Golf On Tour it is always active in proposing altenative Golf holidays, “Playing Golf  Going to Santiago de Compostela” it’s one of these.

Obviously it will not to be covered on foot!! The path will be largely the same, you will use MiniBus and/or cars, depending on the option you want, escorted or self drive.

For convenience (airport) the meeting will be in Barcelona. The next day you will move to Pamplona, city where your “Camino de Santiago” will start playing golf.

On the “camino” that will take you to Santiago you will play on seven different golf courses, you will visit beautiful cities rich in art and culture, monuments and the great Spanish food&wine.

Play Golf On Tour Team is finishing the last details of the Golf Tour. For any information please contact us :

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