The format Golf & Formula One, as you know, is composed of two “sectors”

  • The days spent playing Golf
  • The days spent on the circuit where the Formula One Grand Prix takes place.

I have explaned to you, in general, what will be the programof the days on the circuit, if you can not remember, you can read it here.

Today, always in general, I’ll tell you the days about playing Golf.

Your arrival is on wednesday. The airport will be the one in the city closest tothe Hotel or the one that is most convenient for you based on your city of departure. Remember that the long waits inside he avio-based can be diluted with access to the Airport Lounges which offer really good services.

Upon arrival there will be the transfer that will take you to the Hotel or, following our detailed program dedicated to you, you will go to the agreed rental car. In both options, the direction will then be to the Hotel that will host yu for the duration of your stay.

We always choose the maximum comfort so that you can spend your Golf & Speed stays in total quality relaxation. It is our responsibility to make sure that you choose a Hotel that is not too far from the Circuit and the Golf Courses.

Thursday will be dedicated to playing Golf in one of the two Golf Courses that are part of the Golf & Speed Event. After a good breakfast, with the shuttle or with your rental car, you will arrive at the Golf Course.

There will be at your disposal all the services of the Club House and Golf Course. For lunch time around, a snack at the hole so as not to waste time.

Ended the 18 holes waiting for a well-deserved lunch. In the afternoon, then return to the Hotel.

The evenings will be absolutely free so that you can freely choose how to spend your time.

Friday the same program of Thursady with the difference that you play Golf  in a different Golf Course.

Saturday and Sunday you will pass from the quit and green of the Golf Course to the adrenaline ad noise of the Circuit to follow the Formula One Grand Prix. 

Golf & Speed is ready!!!