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Month: November 2018

GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour – 2019 is ready !

The 2018 Formula 1 World Championship  has just ended. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to be World Champions. Formula1 does not stop, there is no ‘time to relax. In about 100 days the Formula 1 engines return to roar on the occasion of the official tests that will be held in Spain, Catalunya circuit

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour – Circuit Day – Escorted Format

GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour is based on two formats that you can choose: SELF DRIVE or ESCORTED. Today we take care of the ESCORTED format referred to the CIRCUIT DAYS.

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour – The Road Book

In all GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour the Road Book is an extremely important document, the “Lighthouse” to follow that determines, organizes and scans your days within the Golf Tour. We explain below what it is and how it works.

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour. Circuit Day.

GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour consists of two distinct moments. The Golf Day where you play on the best golf courses in the area and the Circuit Day where for two days you will be “overwhelmed” by the “noisy” and golden world of Formula 1. Come and discover what awaits you.

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The 2019 GOLF & FORMULA 1 Official Calendar is ready. Everything is ready to organize your favorite Golf Tour. Here are the official dates of the Grand Prix:

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 – Golf Day: how it take place.

The GOLF & FORMULA 1 format consists of 2 distinct parts: the GOLF DAY and the CIRCUIT DAY. Today we explain to you, in a general way, how a typical GOLF DAY takes place. 

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GOLF & FORMULA 1. Your Free Time.

GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour have an effective duration of 4 days, 2 dedicated to play  Golf and 2 dedicated to the follow Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship. The two golf days are less “stressful” compared to those spent on the track. Despite a sustained program, your free time is available to you. Let’s find out when and where.

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GOLF & FORMULA 1. Self Drive & Escorted Golf Tour. 8 things you need to know.

When you choose to participate in a GOLF & FORMULA 1 event that is to follow a World Campionship Formula 1 Grand Prix and play Golf, you have 2 opportunities: Self Drive or Escorted. Let’s try to clarify.

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