When you choose to participate in a GOLF & FORMULA 1 event that is to follow a World Campionship Formula 1 Grand Prix and play Golf, you have 2 opportunities: Self Drive or Escorted. Let’s try to clarify.


Following your contact by email, our collaboration with you begins with the goal of preparing, considering your needs, the GOLF & FORMULA 1 event you have chosen.

1) Where do you live?

Fundamental to organize the trip to the airport to you more near considering the availability of the flights.

2) With which vehicle do you go to the airport?

Go with your vehicle following the route we are preparing (a real Road Book) or we organize a transfer, very convenient, that picks you up at home and takes you to the airport (of course including the return).
Do not underestimate the Transfer, it eliminates a lot of problems, not least the parking of your car, always complicated and expensive.

3) What flight do you want to take?

The flights planning we prepare you will include more options. You will choose the one you prefer. For example, if the flight is early in the morning, consider going to sleep in the airport area the night before. We will take care of the booking of the Hotel.

4) Do you want to flight comfortably on board?

You will have the possibility to choose the options that the airline offers. Always consider how many hours of flight and what airline it is.

5)  Air travel. In case of flight cancellation? Delay? Missed connections? Baggages problems?

Unfortunately when we face a plane trip we have to put it in a quote. Impossible to foresee it. If it happens it will be our job to solve the problem. In this regard I suggest you read link Red Baron Travels page.

6) Upon arrival at your destination what happens?

Simply follow the instructions on the Road Book we have prepared for you. Rent a car or waiting for you there will be a transfer. Then transfer to the pre-arranged Hotel where you are waiting for CheckIn.


The first 4 points of  Self Drive are in common even if you choose the Escorted mode. Let’s see the continuation.

7) What is Escorted mode?

In Escorted mode, upon your arrival at the destination airport, a “Transfer” will be waiting for you to take you to the established hotel. Here to welcome you there will be your Play Golf On Tour staff. Until the date of your departure, after the GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour, will be available, in a very discreet way, for any need, suggestion, problem solver.

8) SELF DRIVE, has a minimum number of participants?

No, even only 1 golfer can choose Self Drive.

9) ESCORTED, has a minimum number of participants?

No, even only 1 golfer can choose Escorted.


As you can see, it is impossible to draw the same price for everyone. Every golfer has his own needs and needs. Every GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour is absolutely personal.
We are at your disposal for any information you want to know.
Ask!! info@playgolfontour.com

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