I do not have to explain what the Camino de Santiago is. On the web you can find any kind of news.

Instead, I will explain to you in general what this incredible Golf Tour is for you golfer.

Follow me below.

The name immediately brings back to the spiritual experience, the one that every year thousands of pilgrims face by walking the path.

The Golf Tour, unlike the pilgrims, runs in the car / miniBus. It is not the same thing obviously and so must be.

The CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour is made up of daily stages. During each Stage one of the 2 activities that make up the Golf Tour takes place: play golf  ( GOLF DAY) or move from one city to another (DAY TRANSFER)


There are very nice golf courses  along the way. Some easy some difficult ones, you do not miss anything. Sometimes flat and sometimes hilly paths. Keep in mind that the territory is mountainous, this feature gives the golf courses many variables dictated by the morphology of the territory. Another important feature is the climate. Inland, mountainous area is therefore characterized by constant variability. You will play in 18-hole golf courses.


These are the days for the transfer from one city to another. Unlike the pilgrims who use the famous paths on foot, using a means of transport, you will follow asphalted roads. Many times you will cross the pilgrims, many times you will use obviously alternative routes suitable for 4 wheels. It is a continuous cross between your golf course and that of the pilgrims.

The length of Transfer Day is never the same. There will be longer and shorter transfers. There is no time limit. The important thing is to arrive at the hotel check in late afternoon, maybe not later than 8pm.

The route is organized so that you can cross famous and particular areas, with truly unique landscape features, as only that territory can give.


CAMINO de SANTIAGO The Golf Tour is absolutely “built” for you, based on your needs, you do not have an equal formula for everyone, because every golfer has his own needs. For any information contact us by mail, it will be a great pleasure to answer your questions.

Write us !! info@playgolfontour.com