GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour have an effective duration of 4 days, 2 dedicated to play  Golf and 2 dedicated to the follow Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship. The two golf days are less “stressful” compared to those spent on the track. Despite a sustained program, your free time is available to you. Let’s find out when and where.


All depends on which flight plan we have “built” together in the preparation phase of your Golf Tour. These 2 days I would consider them “lost” in relation to leisure time. A flight delay is enough to blow up a possible extra visit / activity. It is better to consider a “gift” to realize that you can have a few hours to devote to discovering the city or other situations.


Generally the distance Hotel / Golf course is contained in not more than 1 hour of transfer (1 hour gone / 1 hour return). Your free time, during the two days of Golf, is therefore placed back to the Hotel. From that moment you can decide whatever you want to do.


These are the most demanding days. Depend on the program of the race. The start will be in the morning a little early, approximately for 8am. The return in the late afternoon. Space for your free time stays in the evening.


As you know, in GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour you can choose the SELF DRIVE or ESCORTED format. I’ll explain you under some small differences.

Self Drive

Your Golf Tour is specified and minutely explained in the Road Book you receive before departure. Inside a Day by Day with schedules, transfers, what to do / how to do etc…

Also present a list of activities that you can do when and if you want. No obligations, they are just suggestions.


Also in this type of Format will be present the Road Book with the DAY by DAY. Furthermore, the Play Golf On Tour Staff (1 person) will be at your disposal for you within 4 days. Together, in your spare time, you will decide whether to follow a common program or you are free to decide on your own. No obligation. Remember that the person who will follow you is available to you for anything and will be with you for 4 days.


A simple email to ask for any clarification.