One of the features that make CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour unique is the one you can go through, playing Golf, when it suits you, when you have the desire and time to leave. The only small “dependence” refers to the months of the year in which it is advisable to go. I’ll explain it better below.

The path of the CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour starts from the city of Pamplona, ​​in easternmost Spain, a few kilometers from the French border, and ends in Santiago de Compostela, an extreme north western point of the Galicia region on the Atlantic Ocean.

It is about 780 km long. The whole of Spain is practically horizontally crossed with the coast at a constant average of 150/170 km. It means that the journey is quite inland.

We therefore find ourselves having a constant climatic variation.

We recommend two distinct periods:

  • From 01 April to 30 June
  • From 01 September to 27 October

01 April – 30 June

End of spring – early summer. In April the temperatures slowly begin to rise, despite all the rainfalls are still at risk during the days. Recommended playing clothes … type Scottish weather!

May – June are perhaps the best months where the weather is almost perfect. Recommended clothing, however, not too summery. Umbrella always in a bag!

We left out the full summer months  July – August. The area is attacked by the thousands of “Pellegrini” who, thanks to the good weather, face the “Camino” on foot. We resume the Golf Tour in September.

01 September – 27 October

With September the warm temperatures begin to decline, you begin to breathe and fully enjoy the late summer weather. October, together with May, is the almost perfect month. Temperatures slightly decreasing, air fresher. Surely the rains resume, the faithful umbrella in the bag always !!

The weather, the weather forecast, are never the same. Every year is different. What we wrote above is a rough tip. Take it as such.


As always here on PLAY GOLF ON TOUR, if you need any clarification, information, questions, it is enough that you write an email. Thank you!