Day transfers are a moment of absolute relaxation. They are used to move from one city to another. The route is obviously different every day and you can admire unique beauties. Here is the typical program of a Day Transfer:

The day begins with a good breakfast at the hotel, loads the luggage (if ESCORTED thinks about the staff of Play Golf On Tour) and we start with the goal to reach the Hotel expected as scheduled. Remember that both the SELF DRIVE and ESCORTED format are equipped with a meticulous and precise Road Book, within which DayByDay is specified for each movement.

The great thing about Day Transfer is that during the journey you can make free stops, maybe for a photo, maybe to admire a landscape, maybe for a coffee, there’s no problem.

The route will follow the lines of the “pilgrims” in general. The difference is given by the viability of the roads. In small “chimneys” where you can only go on foot, it will not be possible for us. It is a very pretty and fascinating experience. The landscape is incredible and really unique beauties intersect.

In the post “Camino de Santiago Golf Tour – Transfer Day: a few number” you can read all the data you are interested in regarding distances. The Day Transfer program is not absolutely rigid. We recommend a departure time and a time of arrival only to allow you to travel calmly, without haste and with a comfortable arrival at the Hotel at the end of the day.


For any information you want to know, do not hesitate to contact us. A simple email is sufficient: We are at your disposal.