GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour consists of two distinct moments. The Golf Day where you play on the best golf courses in the area and the Circuit Day where for two days you will be “overwhelmed” by the “noisy” and golden world of Formula 1. Come and discover what awaits you.

The days dedicated to the circuit are Saturday and Sunday. Unlike the days dedicated to Golf (Thursday and Friday) where the alarm clock is more “sweet”, the “Day Circuit” alarms are more “hard”. To dictate the awakening and ‘the Grand Prix program, always very tight.

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So you wake up relatively early, it also depends on the distance Hotel / Circuit, a good breakfast and off to the Circuit. Remember the difference in format that you choose: SELF DRIVE or ESCORTED. With SELF DRIVE you will leave the Hotel following the meticulous DaybyDay Road Book we have prepared for you. It will take you to the circuit. With ESCORTED our Staff will accompany you, driving, towards the circuit

The arrival will be fixed in a specific place, usually a reserved parking lot. There will be waiting for you the F1 Team Vip Hospitality Staff who takes care of you in the two days. SELF DRIVE the car will be left in the parking lot and you will resume it at the end of the day. ESCORTED, our Staff will always be DISCRETELY at your disposal for anything you need besides the Staff of the F1 Team Vip Hospitality.

From that moment on you will live in a particular world. Everything is privileged, an accurate service, a scrupulous cuisine, an open bar with the best drinks and Champagne, a glamorous atmosphere, a view of the exclusive circuit.

You can expand your knowledge by attending people from all over the world for two days. Never forget your business card, a lot of business comes from these meetings where public relations play a fundamental role.

F1 Team Vip Hospitality is a great opportunity. You are host to the best F1 teams (you can choose from 3 super VipTeam), you can meet the drivers, visit the Paddock, closely observe the incredible F1 racing cars, receive gadgets etc …

These are two incredible days, where you live the Grand Prix as a protagonist , from a privileged position in maximum comfort and comfort.

At the end of the day, you will be taken to the meeting point, obviously following a reserved path (as at the entrance). From there, return to the Hotel.

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