CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour is as you know made up of 2 situations: the TRANSFER DAYS and the GOLF DAYS. Today we explain how a typical Golf Day takes place.

To allow the explanation to be clearer, let’s divide the day into sectors.


We will try to insert the TeeTime at a comfortable time considering the distance between Hotel and Golf Course. Generally the TeeTime is at 10am (availability of the Golf Course). You will then have time for a substantial breakfast at the hotel after which you will start the Golf Course. I remind you of the two formats you can choose, SELF DRIVE or ESCORTED. With SELF DRIVE you will be able to drive following the meticulous ROAD BOOK that we will provide, with ESCORTED will be the Play Golf On Tour Staff that will take care of driving and always be at your disposal for any need.


Depending on the availability of Golf Course, the transfer is generally no more than about 1 hour. It is the main objective to reserve the Golf Course closer to the Hotel but it will not always be possible. The connecting roads are perfect and passable with tranquility.


Upon arrival at the golf course there will be waiting for you at the bar of the Club House where at your discretion you will have the opportunity to eat or drink something with what you want. After completing the registration formalities to play you can choose to wait for the TeeTime, if you go to practice in Golf Driving Range or wait for the start in relax.


At the TeeTime, you will start from the agreed hole, almost always the hole No. 1 unless otherwise provided by the Direction of the Golf Club. You can choose whether to proceed to the game on foot or with Golf Cart, preferences previously requested in the “construction” of your Golf Tour Just like choosing to use Caddy or not.  


At the hole that we have previously decided, if you have chosen the format ESCORTED, you will find the staff of Play Golf On Tour with the buvette at your disposal. It will be our care to ask you which foods and beverages you prefer to find based on your needs. If you have chosen the SELF DRIVE format, during registration, you will be given your buvette with the food and drinks you prefer.


At the end of the game, after the 18 holes, you will have a great Lunch where you can relax in total relaxation, looking back on your swing just made. After a shower, if you want, you will leave with your destination.


Upon arrival at the hotel, based on what time it is and your desire, you can take advantage of your free time for any of your initiatives.


The start of the CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour is getting closer and closer. To get a quote or to have further information, just send us a simple email to:

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