In all GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour the Road Book is an extremely important document, the “Lighthouse” to follow that determines, organizes and scans your days within the Golf Tour. We explain below what it is and how it works.

Road Book, what is it?

It is your program Day by Day of the Golf Tour you have chosen. An essential document that accompanies you on every day of the Golf Tour, from when your journey begins from home to when you return.

Who creates it?

Within the organization of Play Golf On Tour there are two professionals in charge of drafting this important document. From the moment of your contact with us through a simple email, they will follow you throughout the “customization” of the Golf Tour.

All reservations, directions, specifications, the program are assembled in a meticulous Day by Day that you will receive via email before starting the journey. It will then be delivered to you on your arrival.

What is it for?

The Road Book guides you through the days of the Golf Tour. It is an indispensable and very useful document. Day by Day you have the perfect organization, all you have to do and follow.

What do you find inside the Road Book?

Your Golf Tour divided into organized sectors, Day by Day.

  • A summary of the general program of your Golf Tour
  • Hour for Now your days of departure and arrival.
  • The detailed journey from your home to the airport is round trip.
  • Now for your days Golf & Circuit days.
  • Golf Day, hour by hour
  • Circuit Day, hour by hour
  • The detailed route to arrive at each scheduled destination (Hotel, Golf Course, Circuit, Airport, Activities)
  • Your services purchased
  • Your tickets
  • Your rights
  • Contacts of professionals who relate with you.
  • Miscellaneous and possible

How do I use it?

We have studied a very simple and practical way to “use” the Road Book. You will have no problem with interpretation and use. Everything is composed for maximum usability and at the same time maximum information. If there are any problems, the Play Golf On Tour staff is always at your disposal to solve your doubts.

Escorted: mode of use.

If you purchase the format Escorted is always provided Road Book. The mode of use is much simpler as you are “guided” by the presence of the Play Golf On Tour staff who will support you for the entire course of the Golf Tour.

Self Drive: use mode.

In the format Self Drive, the Road Book plays a prominent role. This is why we have studied a simple layout to be used in practice while retaining the very important information module feature. Remember that in any case, the assistance of the Organizing Team Play Golf On Tour is always at your disposal, virtually following you from the office ready to intervene for any problem you have.


The date of the first 2019 GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour will be on March 13th – 18th, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne. The moment is approaching. If you need a quote and information, a simple email request is sufficient:

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