The CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour is structured in 3 distinct formats: Long, Short 1st part, Short 2nd part. Today we talk about the LONG format so as to provide general information on how it is carried out.

CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour – Long is obviously the one of the three formats, the longest in terms of kilometers traveled and in terms of the number of days you will use. It is definitely the most challenging format but the satisfaction of completing it is really so much!



Departure city, Pamplona, located a few kilometers away from the border with France, close to the majestic Pyrenees. Arriving by plane, you have 2 choices: Zaragoza which is 182 km or Bilbao which is 170 km. I remind you that those who decide the arrival airport is the Flight Plan drawn up by the Play Golf On Tour Team who together with you to “build” your Golf Tour based on your needs and needs.


  • DAY 2 – GOLF DAY


After a good night’s sleep to cancel the tiredness of the arrival trip, it’s a day dedicated to your great passion. You will play Golf at one of the golf courses located in the area. At the end of the day, free time, if you want, to devote to the visit of the beautiful city of Pamplona.


  • DAY 3 – TRANSFER DAY – Pamplona / Logrono 90 Km about


The first day of transfer. Luggage on board and off, calmly crossing fantastic landscapes and several times crossing the “Camino’s Pilgrimage”.


  • DAY 4 – GOLF DAY


Golf course very close to the city. You will therefore have free time to devote to the visit of the city of Logrono.


  • DAY 5 – TRANSFER DAY – Logrono / Burgos 120 km approx


Medium transfer today always crossing the “Camino’s Pilgrimage”.  Arrival in the beautiful and historic city of Burgos.


  • DAY 6 – GOLF DAY


The choice is wider where to play today. Dependency on the availability of golf courses. 40 km away a golf course and 20 km each other. Free time to spend on visiting the beautiful Burgos.


  • DAY 7 – GOLF DAY


Availability golf courses as above, alternating golf course. Free time to spend in Burgos.



  • DAY 8 – TRANSFER DAY – Burgos / Leon, about 200 km


Longer transfer today. On the way you can visit some of the most beautiful and historical places of the “Camino’s Pilgrimage”. Free time to be consumed in the historic Leon.


  • DAY 9 – GOLF DAY


A beautiful golf course dedicated to this game day. Free time to visit Leon.


  • DAY 10 – TRANSFER DAY – Leon / Lugo, about 250 Km


It is the longest transfer but also the absolutely richer one of visits to be done during the journey. We meet “famous” places of the “Camino’s Pilgrimage”. O Cebreiro, Manjarin, Cruz de Ferro, Astorga, so as to list some. Arrival in the city of Lugo.


  • DAY 11 – GOLF DAY


Two nice choices in this area regarding golf courses. Free time available to visit Lugo.


  • DAY 12 – TRANSFER DAY – Lugo / Santiago de Compostela 120 Km about


Last Transfer Day, always crossing the several times “Camino’s Pilgrimage”. Visit to the beautiful Cape Finisterre, Km 0 of the Camino de Santiago. Arrival in the historic Santiago de Compostela. Free time to visit the city.


  • DAY 13 – GOLF DAY


Today you play near La Coruna, in one of the countless golf courses around the Spanish town. Free time to visit La Coruna or return to the hotel and free time to visit Santiago de Compostela.


  • DAY 14 – GOLF DAY


Let’s go play at the sea !! Beautiful golf course south of Santiago. Return to the hotel, greetings dinner. We’re leaving tomorrow.




Two opportunities of choice for the airports, always on the basis of your flight plan that you have drawn up with the staff of Play Golf On Tour. At 230 Km airport of Porto, Portugal or 270 Km, airport of Oviedo.


2019 CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour will start from the month of April. If you need a quote or further information, just send us a simple email: