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Month: December 2018

Camino de Santiago Golf Tour – The Golf Tour Cities: Pamplona

Pamplona is the starting city of the Camino de Santiago Golf Tour. From this splendid historical city both the begin Long Golf Tour and the Short 1st part.  Is the capital of the autonomous community of Navarre in the north of Spain, an important stop along the Camino of Santiago, the pilgrimage route of the medieval era, home to Gothic churches, including the fortress of San Nicolás.

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CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour – The symbolic places

Camino de Santiago Golf Tour it is a totalizing experience that involves you every kilometer. There are places, however, that for their beauty or particularity leave much clearer and stronger memories. Here are some of the most famous “symbolic places” you will encounter during the Day Transfer.

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour – Australian Grand Prix – General Info&Details

The first 2019 Golf & Formula 1 Golf Tour appointment is approaching. The date is, including arrival and departure days,  March, 13-18, Australian Grand Prix – Melbourne. Here are all the details:

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 – CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour. How to contact us

The Golf Tour we organize, have one and only GOAL: to satisfy your needs, to make you live unique sensations that make you feel good. When you are well and satisfied, we have achieved the goal and accumulated precious energy to use to create other innovative Golf Tour that can meet your needs.

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GOLF & FORMULA 1 – CAMINO de SANTIAGO. Departure / Arrival Days

GOLF & FORMULA 1 Golf Tour and CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour as you have read, it is exclusively Golf Tours “built” with you with the primary objective of satisfying your needs. The two days that correspond to the  Departure from home and  back, are organized with you by the Play Golf On Tour Staff. Read below as you proceed.

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CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour – Day by Day: The Golf Tour Road Book.

Camino de Santiago Golf Tour is organized down to the smallest detail by the Play Golf On Tour staff. Since you have contacted us with a simple email for information, our work begins. to “build”, on the basis of your needs, the Golf Tour. A meticulous job that aims to achieve a service that is as perfect as it meets your needs. A fundamental and very important document is the Golf Tour Road Book, a simple but organized Day by Day, which shows all the movements and activities you will do during the Golf Tour.

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