Camino de Santiago Golf Tour is organized down to the smallest detail by the Play Golf On Tour staff. Since you have contacted us with a simple email for information, our work begins. to “build”, on the basis of your needs, the Golf Tour. A meticulous job that aims to achieve a service that is as perfect as it meets your needs. A fundamental and very important document is the Golf Tour Road Book, a simple but organized Day by Day, which shows all the movements and activities you will do during the Golf Tour.

The Golf Tour Road Book is available for both formats:  Escorted and Self Drive. The difference is that in the Escorted Format will be the Play Golf On Tour assistant to read and manage it (you will have a copy too) while in Self Drive Format you will be directly to read and manage it.

The Golf Tour Road Book is a paper document in which is described in detail the whole program of the Golf Tour that you have purchased. A Day by Day which explains the daily schedule, timetables, directions, movements, activities and any other important news you need.

You will receive the Golf Tour Road Book in advance via Email (Pdf) so you have the opportunity to view it and in case of doubts, contact us and together clarify the problems. Upon your arrival at the Hotel, you will find the document version that you can use throughout the  Golf Tour.

Remember that, as regards the Self Drive Format, during the entire Golf Tour,  Play Golf On Tour Staff will always be available for anything you need. Communication will be possible via telephone, chat, email.


Camino de Santiago Golf Tour is available from 2019, April, 01. If you are interested in receiving information or a quote, it is sufficient for you to send us a simple email to the address:

Play Golf On Tour Staff is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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CAMINO de SANTIAGO Golf Tour. 2019 General Info&Details