The Golf Tour we organize, have one and only GOAL: to satisfy your needs, to make you live unique sensations that make you feel good. When you are well and satisfied, we have achieved the goal and accumulated precious energy to use to create other innovative Golf Tour that can meet your needs.

The only way to reach the goals written above is the “customized” Golf Tour. We at Play Golf On Tour prefer to use the words “built to suit your needs”.

We immediately chose not to practice the  “price battle” formula. Golf Tour proposed with the phrase “starting from xxx dollars” does not interest us because it does not allow us to work at best to satisfy your needs.

As we do not care that you subscribe to our hypothetical “Newsletter”. Wow !!! You are crazy!!! You miss a great opportunity to “monetize” etc .. etc. .. It is a choice that goes against the trend but we preferred to do so. “Capture” your best email address, it is not part of our communication strategy. Your privacy is essential.

If you are interested in learning more about our Golf Tour, it will be enough for you to send us a simple Email to our address Specifying which Golf Tour you want to know more details.

Your email will be answered by the Play Golf On Tour staff, who will then take care of your request. In this first step, the exchange of information will simply be via Email. As a result of your deepest interest, the Email will support, if you like, also the telephone contact with the dedicated assistant that will follow you.

To ensure the best possible service, Play Golf On Tour collaborates with some of the best Travel Agencies to which we rely for the technical organization of the Golf Tour you have chosen. Nothing is left to chance. Every most important and fundamental detail is taken care of in the smallest details.

To satisfy your requests, satisfy your needs, has a unique and exclusive path that consists in working for you with the utmost attention to detail. The days you dedicate to the Golf Tour you have chosen must be a pleasant experience. Time is your most precious resource, it is our duty to make it as pleasant as possible.


You have the possibility to choose 3 types of Golf Tour:

Golf & Formula 1 Golf Tour will start in March. Camino de Santiago Golf Tour will start in April.

Ask for information, a quote, any questions you may have. Send us a simple email to this address:

It will be a great pleasure to answer you !!!