Pamplona is the starting city of the Camino de Santiago Golf Tour. From this splendid historical city both the begin Long Golf Tour and the Short 1st part.  Is the capital of the autonomous community of Navarre in the north of Spain, an important stop along the Camino of Santiago, the pilgrimage route of the medieval era, home to Gothic churches, including the fortress of San Nicolás.

The city was founded in 75 BC by the Roman general Gnaeus Pompey the Great, from which it took its name. He then underwent the barbarian invasions, ending up in the hands of the Visigoths, then he was conquered by the Arabs, and then returned to the hands of the Christians with Charlemagne. In the following centuries the city and Navarre were engaged in civil wars with the expanding Castile, until the formation of the Kingdom of Spain in 1516 with Charles V.


In a visit to the historic center of Pamplona is to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria the Royal, in gothic style and with a neoclassical façade. Among other religious buildings, not to be missed are the churches of San Nicolas, San Saturnino, San Lorenzo and the Basílica de Las Agustinas Recoletas. Go to the discovery of the old city, walking through the streets and alleys of the charming old town. The heart of Pamplona is Plaza de Castillo, where historic palaces and numerous outdoor cafes overlook. The most famous is the Caffè Iruña (Basque name of Pamplona), opened in 1888 and habitually frequented by Hemingway. The other important square of Pamplona is the nearby Plaza de Toros de Pamplona, ​​where the bullfighting arena is located and the bullfight of San Fermino ends.

To visit in the city is the large park of the Jardines de la Taconera, the Portal de Francia, in Calle Carmen, where it passes the Camino de Santiago. To see the Palacio de Navarra, neoclassical building near Plaza Castillo, seat of the government of Navarra from 1850, overlooking the Paseo de Sarasate, where is the monument to Los Fueros, with the statues of the kings of Navarre. On the other side of the historic center, to the north, is the Museo de Navarra. On Plaza Consistorial is the Palazzo de lo Ayuntamiento, the town hall, with a Baroque façade.


Many are the local and historic restaurants of Pamplona. In addition to Caffè Iruña, you will find numerous characteristic restaurants, with menus and prices for all budgets and all tastes. To taste the traditional tapas, which in Pamplona are called pintxos. A habit widespread among the inhabitants of the place, an event to socialize, is to go to the bars to drink and taste the pintxos. Do not miss the local wine of Navarre, the traditional sangria and the local liqueur called Patxaran.


Camino de Santiago Golf Tour starts in April. If you want to know information or get a quote, do not hesitate to send us a simple email: It will be our great pleasure to help you build your Golf Tour based on your needs.

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