Golf and Formula 1 is not just an extraordinary golf vacation where you play golf and follow F1 Grand Prix from a privileged position as are the Formula 1 Vip Team Hospitality. Play Golf On Tour offers you a great and super-exclusive opportunity. You can visit the F1 ASTON MARTIN RED BULL FACTORY RACING.

Very few people get to see what goes on behind the mirrored-glass walls of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Factory. You can be one of those few. In limited numbers we’re offering an incredible opportunity to witness the evolution of a Formula 1 car as it travels from development to final assembly.

Sample itinerary : morning 10am-1pm OR afternoon 2pm-5pm

Enjoy a guided tour of the working factory where you are invited to interact with your team host, asking as many questions as you wish. During the tour you will see the Model Shop the manufacturing and sub assembly workshops, and the race bays themselves!! Plus a chance to explore MK_7, home to the RB1 through to the RB13.

2019 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Factory GOLF TOUR dates

  • Monday 25 March 2019
  • Wednesday 12 June 2019
  • Friday 05 July 2019
  • Friday 04 October 2019

The Simulator and MK-7

In addition to touring the factory, it’s possible ti hire The Simulator and experience what it feels like to drive a Formula 1 car, on the circuit of you choice.

Do you like the program ?? Not bad eh !!


Obviously for the incredible day dedicated to the Aston Martin F1 Red Bull Racing Factory visit you can not miss playing your passion. The city where theis located Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Factory is Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire , approximately 55 miles from London and approximately 27 miles from Luton Airport.

There are excellent golfin this part of England. Taking advantage of the possibility of “customizing” your visit to the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Factory, why not combine a golfing holiday?

Choose the date you prefer among those possible to visit the Aston Martin F1 Red Bull Racing Factory, decide how many days you want to dedicate to play Golf, possibly want to add a day to visit London, or Oxford, or Cambridge, we are ready to “Build” this your incredible and exclusive golf vacation.


The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Factory GOLF TOUR is an exclusive and different golf vacation. Choose the day you prefer from the available dates and around, together, we will build the days where you will spend your precious free time.