Bahrain, a nation comprising more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf, has been at the center of major trade routes since antiquity. In its modern capital, Manama, the acclaimed Bahrain National Museum showcases artifacts from the ancient Dilmun civilization that flourished in the region for millennia. The city’s thriving Bab al-Bahrain bazaar offers wares ranging from colorful handwoven fabrics and spices to pearls.

Here are some of the Tours & Activities that you can practice, at your choice at the end of your days dedicated to Golf:

  • Trail of Delmon Civilization from Manama

The Dilmon Civilization is one of the world’s oldest trade civilisations and some of Bahrain’s most important archaeological sites are located around Manama. On this tour, benefit from the undivided attention of a private guide and travel in the comfort of a private vehicle, as you explore the UNESCO-listed Qalat Al Bahrain and Bahrain Fort, marvel at the ancient Saar burial chambers and Barbar Temple Barbar temples, and visit the Burial Mounds.

  • Desert Delights fron Manama

Leave the capital behind and venture into the Bahrain desert on this private tour from Manama. Traveling in the comfort of a private vehicle, visit the historic Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al-Fatih Fort; see the miraculous Tree of Life, which stands in the heart of the desert; and learn more about Bahrain’s oil industry as you visit the first oil well and tour the Oil Museum .

  • Sightseeing tour in Kingdom of Baharain

Getting to know Manama by yourself may mean you miss important sights or get only a partial picture of Bahrain’s capital. Enjoy a more revealing and enriching look at the city, its highlights, and culture, on this half-day private tour. Explore in the comfort of a private car, use the flexible itinerary to customize your sightseeing to suit you, and hear tales on the sights you’d probably never know otherwise.

Bahrain is a city that offers countless extra-Golf Tours & Activities. We have proposed only some of the most interesting, if you are not of your liking, we can without any problems organize your free time extra-Golf based on your needs and tastes.

We are at your disposal to “customize” this golfing holiday. We can, based on your needs, create your journey from departure to arrival so you do not have to think about anything.

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