Golfing can have many purposes. Relax, breathe fresh air, play your passion, walk outdoors, have fun, feel good, meet new people. The game of Golf also allows you to develop the business, a new knowledge during a Golf holiday, an event, can turn into business.

When you choose to “spend” your precious free time on a Golf vacation, such as the Golf and Formula One events, you have two different opportunities through which you can get to know new people: during Golf days and during Circuit days.

The Golf days of Golf and Formula One are divided into two parts: the moment of the day dedicated to the game of Golf and the moment of free time, after the game, where you can play many pleasant Tour & Activities.

The Golf days are the days of total vacation and relaxation, dedicated to your favorite sport, play golf, and to play special experiences in the area where you have chosen to spend your holidays. On this occasion you will know other golfers, other people, it will always be good that you have with you your business card with printed the main personal and work data.

Despite the fact that technology is the master in Personal branding, the good “old” personal business card is always the best “first impression”.

Circuit days are quite another thing. Adrenaline, colors, movement, people, Vip area, engines, speed, nothing to do with the “green and calm” Golf days.

With Golf and Formula One you can choose between 3 Formula 1 Vip Team Hospitality between Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. On Saturday and Sunday, the two days dedicated to the Circuit, you will be “pampered” inside the VIP Hospitality, excellent food, wine, courtesy. During these excellent moments you will be in contact with many other people who come from all over the world, accumulated by a common passion.

Remember the dear and “old” business card, in a world submerged by technology, by speed, presenting yourself in a practically forgotten way can be an advantage.


2019 GOLF and FORMULA ONE Golf Tour is completely TAILOR MADE

We are at your disposal to “customize” this golfing holiday. We can, based on your needs, create your journey from departure to arrival so you do not have to think about anything.

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