Liège, a city along the Meuse River in Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region, has long been a commercial and cultural hub. Its old town is filled with landmarks dating to the medieval era, including the Romanesque Church of St. Bartholomew. The Grand Curtius museum houses archaeological treasures and art within a 17th-century mansion, while Opéra Royal de Wallonie has staged operas since 1820.

Here are some of the Tours & Activities that you can practice, at your choice at the end of your days dedicated to Golf:

  • Learn About Art at the Grand Curtius

The Grand Curtuis, or Curtuis Museum, is an archeology and art museum set in a restored mansion from the 17th Century. All those years ago, the building belonged to a wealthy entrepreneur from the city and it was his idea to bring together four small museum collections in order to form the large collection you can see today. The sheer amount of objects here mean you need to dedicate a full day to the museum and grab yourself an audio guide in order to fully appreciate this vast museum.

  • Climb the Montagne de Bueren

The Stairs of Mount Bueren are well worth climbing but it is also worth exploring the passageways around the Montagne and marveling at the hidden treasures you find along the way. You will mainly discover private gardens but they are still worth seeing. Continue on along the winding staircase to the summit of Montagne de Bueren and you wild find a war memorial as well as some of the best panoramic views in the entire city of Liege.

  • Witness Beauty on the Inside of the Musee Des Beaux Arts de Liege

As you approach this museum in the Feronstree district of Liege, you will be shocked by how unattractive the building it is. The museum is housed in an unflattering concrete building that was constructed in the 1980s. Allow yourself to get past this though and venture into the museum and you will be rewarded. The art collections within are displayed beautifully and range from medieval works to more contemporary pieces.

We have listed above just some of the possibilities where you can use your extra-Golf leisure time. It will be a pleasure to choose with you what you want to do.

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