Play Golf and follow the Formula One Grand Prix. 


WEDNESDAY:     Arrival to Hotel                        

THURSDAY:         Golf Day

FRIDAY:                 Golf Day

SATURDAY:           Circuit Day 

SUNDAY:                Circuit Day

MONDAY:              Departure

2019 GOLF&FORMULA 1 Official Calendar:

March               14-17            AUSTRALIAN Grand Prix

March              28-31            BAHRAIN Grand Prix

April                11-14            CHINESE Grand Prix

April                25-28             AZERBAIJAN Grand Prix

May                09-12              SPANISH Grand Prix

May               23-26              MONACO Grand Prix

June             06-09               CANADIAN Grand Prix

June             20-23               FRENCH Grand Prix

June            27-30                AUSTRIAN Grand Prix

July            11-14                  BRITISH Grand Prix

July            25-28                 GERMAN Grand Prix

August       01-04                HUNGARIAN Grand Prix

Aug/Sept   29/08-01/09     BELGIAN Grand Prix

September  05-08             ITALIAN Grand Prix

September  19-22             SINGAPORE Grand Prix

October        10-13             JAPANESE Grand Prix

October        24-27            MEXICO Grand Prix

Oct/Nov      31/10-03/11    UNITED STATES Grand Prix

November   14-17              BRAZILIAN Grand Prix

Nov/Dec     28/11-01/12      ABU DHABI Grand Prix

  • There is no equal price formula for everyone. Every golfer (or groups of golfers) has his own needs.
  •  You will play Golf in 2 different Golf Courses. (Golf Day)
  • You can choose between 3 FORMULA 1 VIP HOSPITALITY. (Circuit Day).
  • It will be our task, together with you, to organize the best Golf Tour experience you will choose, depending on your needs.
  • Golf Tours can be organized for either a single golfer or for golfers. (plus any non-golfers).
  • You can choose the formula “Escorted” or “Self Drive”. 
  • At your choice, we can organize the entire trip from when you leave the house when you return.

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more? Send us an email: