The mistake that many Golf Courses make is to think that once you have prepared an “extraordinary” Web site (spending a lot of money too), created Facebook, Instagram accounts and put it On-Line, you can relax and everything is over. Nothing could be more wrong !! Marketing for Golf Courses is a serious commitment, a job, which starts exactly when the site is officially online. It is the mistake that most Golf Courses make.

Surely the advent of Social has served to increase visibility, unfortunately, however, Socials also require a serious and demanding DAILY job, otherwise it is only lost time. There is an extremely powerful “medium” to obtain a concrete and incredibly effective online visibility, the BLOG.

We tried it at Play Golf On Tour. Perfect strangers, in 2016 driven by a great passion for this magnificent Sport, we decided to undertake a concrete project in the Golf Tourism sector. To get concrete results we had no doubts: the Blog was the most credible way to get concrete results. And so it was.

Marketing for Golf Courses today has become too important not to be taken seriously. It is important to take good care that it is a job in all respects, it must be faced with seriousness and competence. To get results you need to focus on concrete tools, such as the Blog.


Because companies that have and treat their blogs generally have 97% more inbound links than those that do not, which means more search engine traffic.

  • 61% of consumers made a purchase based on a blog post they read
  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through their blogs and advertisements.

Above we talk about CONSUMERS, of products. Try to change the words. Replace CONSUMERS with the word GOLFERS with reference to the services that your Golf Courses can give to them. I believe you have already understood.

The Blog will attract your potential golf clients because THROUGH THE POST PUBLISHED FREQUENTLY, you can learn about the activity of your Golf Course, the services and everything you offer. Blogs help retain golfers and also help you build a personal relationship with them. “Personal Report” two magic words !!



The blog as Marketing for Golf Courses is the golden key to enter the hearts of visiting golfers. In fact, the blog is made up of articles that allow you to exhaustively tell what are the advantages that your golfers visitors will get when they come to play with the objective of transforming them into members. But not only. It is possible to build a world, an entire imaginary around the Golf Course brand itself. For example, what are the typical situations in which the services of your Golf Course represent the center of the action, the fundamental element? What are the values that our services embody? Professionalism? Heat? Affection? Quality? Efficiency? All this must be told. And one of the best ways to do this is to focus on the blog and build it step by step. We must remember that one of the springs that push a potential customer to buy is emotionality, empathy, empathy.


A well-written blog, with an SEO focus, keeping up with the trends of the sector in which it expresses itself, will get good natural positioning on SERPs. This means that you can earn a good increase in site visits. A generic user by typing a specific query on the search box will find your blog more easily and then your site if it finds itself in the first pages.


The site blog can also be very useful for making lead generation. Acquiring lead is one of the winning practices of digital operations. It’s not enough to have a bunch of unnamed users running around your Golf Course. Transforming prospects into leads, that is, acquiring their contact, such as an email address or a telephone number, is very useful for implementing direct contact strategies, as happens with email marketing. Even retargeting strategies, such as those made available on Facebook, can be based on customer files, ie on mailing lists. You can populate your list of contacts via your blog, which attracts and intrigues visitors can push them to sign up for the newsletter. Moreover you can also create special contents like white papers to use as lead magnet, that is as magnets for leads, useful and quality magnets to get leads.

Warning! The Blog Marketing for Golf Course brings considerable results, but in the medium to long term. The primary benefit is the increase in the prestige of the Golf Club and the appreciation of the brand by current and potential golfers. In the long term a good blog can increase the turnover of a Golf Club considerably, provided however that it is maintained over time and is of high quality.


The entire Play Golf On Tour Staff is at your disposal for any information you want to have. We are available to help you in creating and maintaining your Golf Club Blog.

We have created a specific action plan that can be completely customized based on the needs and requirements of your Golf Club.

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