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Chianti in Tuscany: Not just a wine, but an area to see

When you hear about Chianti you immediately associate this name with the famous red wine that accompanies exquisite dishes at the table. However, Chianti is not only a red wine, but also an area of Tuscany to be discovered.

Rome neighbourhoods: Two places to see in the Rione Prati

Rome neighborhoods are all very beautiful because they each tell a slice of the city’s history. There are old neighbourhoods and more recent ones that demonstrate the evolution over the centuries of a city that in every corner has something to tell its visitors. Today we want to introduce you to one of them: Rione Prati.

What is the Langhe areas famous for? Discover it

The Langhe is known for its excellent wines, prized truffles and delicious cheeses. However, we suggest you explore this corner of Piedmont also for the beautiful landscapes that characterise it. 

Its rolling hills and villages rich in charm and history will surprise you.

Discover Umbria. One day in Assisi, 3 things to do

Green Umbria is a region waiting to be discovered. Among the many stops that you can make on your itinerary, we suggest three things to do in Assisi.

Lido di Venezia. Beach, art, and glam

Lido di Venezia beach is well known thanks to the Film Festival that takes place here every year. However, this is an island full of many other surprises.

Cinque Terre 5 villages to visit

In the eastern part of the Ligurian Riviera (the Riviera di Levante) lies a place of great charm. 

Not just one place, but five different villages with common features and therefore grouped under one name: the Cinque Terre.

Visit Colosseum in Rome. Do you know everything about it?

The Colosseum is the symbol of Rome. This almost 2000 year old building represents the glorious past of the ancient city and still surprises us today with the beauty and majesty of its structure and the centuries of history it brings with it. Discover if you know everything about it.

Lake Trasimeno: 5 things to do. And one more

With an area of 128 kmĀ², Lake Trasimeno is the largest lake in central Italy. A place rich in natural and cultural beauty, it was the scene of a famous battle in ancient times. 

We suggest 5 things to do when you’re on Lake Trasimeno. And one more.

Miramare Castle in Trieste. A beautiful place to discover

You can’t say you’ve seen Trieste if you haven’t also seen the Miramare Castle. A fascinating place, located just outside the city, capable of winning you over with its architectural beauty and elegant interiors, as well as its splendid view of the sea. Find out why it is really worth taking the time to visit it.

Three reasons to discover Antognolla. A little treasure in the green Umbria

In the heart of Umbria. This reason alone would be enough to arouse your curiosity to discover Antognolla. Between history, nature and sport, this corner of Italy is perfect if you are looking for a moment of peace and an excellent golf course to play on!

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