Bolzano is the capital of the autonomous province of Trentino-Alto Adige and is situated in a valley in the middle of hills rich in vineyards. It is the gateway to the Dolomites mountain range in the Italian Alps. In the medieval center of the city, the Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol is home to the Neolithic mummy, known as Ötzi, the man of the Similaun. Kissed by the sun, with a very pleasant climate and a dreamy landscape dotted with vineyards and orchards, but also characterized by secluded valleys and vast mid-mountain plateaus, it is a region that like few will satisfy your desire for a golfing holiday.

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In Bolzano (Bolzano in German), capital of the homonymous province and in general in South Tyrol, the climate is semi-continental, with cold winters and hot summers. The city is located in a valley, 250 meters above sea level. The average temperature in January is 1 ° C, that in July is 22.5 ° C. The daily temperature range is generally quite high, so in the winter the night frosts are the norm, while in the summer, even if the day can be very hot, the nights generally remain cool.

Winter, from December to February, is cold, with nightly minimums normally below freezing, and maximums of a few degrees above. Even if it is a dry season, the sky is often cloudy, and sometimes fog can form at night (although much more rarely than in the Po valley). In good weather, temperature changes between night and day can be significant.
Winter is clearly the driest season of the year, so much so that it can not rain or snow for weeks. Due to the scarcity of rainfall, snowfalls are quite rare, although some snowfalls occur every year. In total, about 30 centimeters of snow fall per year, as the sum of several light snowfalls; occasionally, however, a more abundant snowfall can occur, around 20/30 cm. In Bolzano, snow occurs with winds from the south: during the cold waves, the city receives a wind of fall from the mountains, dry and relatively mild.

In the spring, daytime temperatures quickly become milder, while the nights remain cold, at least in the first part. During sunny days the Bolzano basin heats up quite easily, so that already in April (and sometimes even in March) it can exceed 20 ° C, and sometimes it can reach 25 ° C. However, the Atlantic disturbances that bring rainfall are quite frequent. The first heat storms occur from late April or May.

Summer, from June to August, is hot during the day, while nights are generally cool. During periods of good weather the Bolzano basin overheats, and poor ventilation makes the heat unpleasant. In these periods 34/35 ° C can be touched, and sometimes even higher values ​​(for example in July 1983 and in August 2003 they have touched 39 ° C). However, due to its northern position, the city is reached with a certain frequency from the tail of the Atlantic perturbations, which can bring some cloudiness, and even rains, while storms can break out in the afternoon or evening. For this reason, the amount of sunshine in the summer is not very high (see below).

Autumn, from September to November, initially pleasant, gradually becomes cooler, and then cold, and gray. Temperatures drop gradually, and at night it starts to get cold fairly early, while during the day temperatures are mild, especially when it is sunny, and even hot in September. The first night frosts usually occur in early November, but sometimes already in the second half of October. The rains are quite frequent, and from mid-October the sun begins to be seen rarely.

When to organize your Golf Experience

The best times to visit Bolzano are spring and early summer, in particular from mid-April to mid-June. September is also a good month. However, some rainy days must be taken into account in both periods.
Summer can be very hot, although it can give pleasant or at least acceptable periods, especially in June. To take into account, in summer and sometimes in late spring, some afternoon or evening thunderstorms.


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The cuisine of Bolzano, better known as South Tyrolean cuisine, is a delicious mix of flavors from Tyrolean and Italian cuisine, also sinking its roots in traditional (and very tasty) Viennese cuisine.

Among the first courses, it is impossible not to mention the wonderful dumplings (Knödel), one of the first courses typical of south-east German cuisine and therefore, as mentioned, also of the cuisine of Bolzano. The dumplings are very tasty gnocchi composed of a variable dough of stale bread and, unlike German cuisine where they are almost homogeneously widespread, in Italy they are specialties of only Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli (chineglis or chineghi), Venezia Giulia (gnochi de pan), the upper Veneto (bales or balotes) and the upper Valtellina. There are two variants: the first, the ‘savory’ dumplings, includes in its typical recipe a composition of stale bread, milk, eggs, speck (or bacon), or cheese and, sometimes, even onion; they are served with cooking broth or even with melted butter. The ‘sweet’ version instead provides a totally different preparation, whether it is apricot dumplings (Marillenknödel) or plum dumplings (Zwetschgenknödel): the same dough of potatoes and flour is used to make the gnocchi , and spread it out; the apricots / plums are emptied and sugar is removed, cinnamon and cloves are removed; by toasting part of the breadcrumbs (with sugar and cinnamon), the fruits are wrapped in the dough and rolled in the breadcrumbs: a delicacy!

Another of the typical first courses of Bolzano are undoubtedly the schlutzkrapfen, ravioli (or agnolotti) stuffed with ricotta and spinach, specialties of the Val Pusteria, but widespread throughout Tyrol; in the Ladin valleys, schlutzkrapfen are known as crafuncins or cajincì, while in Belluno they are known as casunziei.

In the province of Bolzano, one of the most important (and tasty!) Second courses is definitely castrated meat (Hammelfleischgerichte), that is, sheep’s meat aged between 6 months and 2 years, castrated if male, given birth if it is female. With a very strong taste and smell, castrate is usually prepared stewed or stewed, and is also used in other typical recipes, such as gröstl, another of the typical dishes of the Bolzanese cuisine: in its basic version it is composed from Röstkartoffeln (boiled potatoes and then sautéed in a pan with onions) and leftover meat; other more elaborate versions provide that the meat (pork neck or mutton) is specially prepared, and is often accompanied by ox-eye eggs or head cabbage salad. Typical from the village party is tirtlen (or tirtlan or tutra), a food made up of a sheet of rye flour and a filling of spinach, potatoes or sauerkraut, fried in oil or lard. But the most famous product in the world in the province of Bolzano (and throughout Trentino Alto Adige) is undoubtedly speck, a boneless and slightly smoked raw ham, protected by the EU with the PGI mark; the particular flavor is given above all by its traditional processing method, which involves light smoking of the salted pork leg, an average seasoning of about 22 weeks and a saline presence of no more than 5% in the final product. It is the typical product of the South Tyrolean snacks (la Brettljause), composed of a cutting board of speck, salami, sausages, typical cheeses and cucumbers, accompanied by good wine and homemade bread.

And just with bread we close the paragraph on second courses. Perfect to accompany your Brettljause is undoubtedly the black bread (also called rye bread), used above all in the German and Scandinavian areas; the main difference consists in the fact that this bread is kneaded in white flour but in rye flour, a cereal more resistant to the cold climates of mountain villages. The best known variant of black bread is undoubtedly the Vinschger Paarl, mixed with rye flour and wheat, obtained by combining two round and flat breads (‘paarl’ means ‘couple’), whose recipe has been kept for centuries by Benedictine friars of the Abbey of Monte Maria, in the municipality of Malles.


Delight for our palates, krapfen is the best known dessert in the Bolzano area, although there are variations in different areas of Italy, known as the donut. Ball-shaped, krapfen is made of sweet leavened dough fried in lard or oil, filled with a jam (injected with a large syringe, after the batter is fried) and with the icing sugar on top. Another delicious dessert, even if less known, is the strauben, inevitable in every village festival in the province of Bolzano, consisting of a batter made with flour, butter, milk, grappa, eggs and oil; the batter is then poured into the boiling oil, and at the end of the cooking, icing sugar is added and, often, also a delicious cranberry jam.

Among the wines, it should be noted that in Alto Adige there are several vineyards, each with a totally different flavor, thanks to the incredible variety of the South Tyrolean soils. Among the reds, it is impossible not to mention Lagrein, the most renowned Bolzano wine, with its intense dark color and its blackberry and blueberry flavor; we also recommend the delicious Santa Maddalena, located on the hill of the same name north of Bolzano, light and fruity, produced with slave grapes. Among the whites, however, we recommend the Müller-Thurgau and the Sylvaner, whose vineyards are at incredibly high altitudes, however enjoying a lower body and alcohol content.


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KürbishofAnterivo-Altrei (Bz)
Alter Fausthof Fiè Allo Sciliar-Voels Am Schlern (Bz)
Pitzock Funes (Bz)
Signaterhof Renon-Ritten (Bz)
Lamm Mitterwirt San Martino In Passiria Sankt Martin In Passeier (Bz)
Waldruhe Sesto-Sexten (Bz)
Durnwald Valle Di Casies-Gsies (Bz)

“La Vigna Di Sarah” The excellence of prosecco



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