The Asiago “Altopiano” is a vast plateau located on the Vicenza Alps, in the border area between the Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige regions. Between the rivers Astico and Brenta, the massif has an extension, relative to the administrative area of the Seven Municipalities, of 473.5 km², but the geographical extension of the mountain group as a whole reaches 878.3 km². Its altitude is between 87 m and 2341 m.

The golf vacation on the “Altopiano” is an absolutely unique experience. There is only one Golf Course, very beautiful, with some really “special” holes like those that run through the forest.

If you plan your golf holiday here, we suggest you consider the whole period in this area, dedicating your free time to discover the countless local magnificences that this place offers.




Noteworthy are the naturalistic qualities of the “Altopiano”, which in the northern part can count on a rather extensive wilderness. Of particular importance is the presence of two peat bogs known as “Palù di San Lorenzo” and “Palù di Sotto”, in the plain of Marcesina where carnivorous plants (such as Drosera rotundifolia) are among the rare and endemic species and the Arctic wreck Andromeda polifolia, the latter discovered for the first time in Marcesina in 1703.

Plain of Marcesina

On the “Altopiano” there are over 100 mountain pastures (Malghe) which, by extension of their pastures and by number, constitute the most important mountain pasture system in the entire Alpine range.

typical Malga

Of great importance is the Calà del Sasso, the longest stairway in Italy as well as the longest stairway in the world open to the public. This route, formed by 4444 steps, connects the municipality of Valstagna, in the Brenta Channel, to the Sasso di Asiago district. The path is still largely flanked by a ditch, made, like the steps themselves, in limestone: this ditch was once used to transport the highland timber to the valley. Once in Valstagna, in fact, the Calà ends near the Brenta river, where the trunks were flown up to Venice where they were used in the Arsenale for the construction of boats.

Cala’ del Sasso – The 4444 steps

The Calà del Sasso is passable all year round (even if it is not recommended to walk in the winter months due to the presence of snow and unfavorable weather conditions) and the route is marked with signpost number 778. The route starts from the parking area Lebo of Valstagna (221 m) and ends at the Church of Sasso di Asiago (965 m). La Calà is about 7 km long, the journey time is about 2 hours and the difference in height is 744 m.

On the Asiago “Altopiano” numerous battles of the First World War were fought which left an indelible mark on the whole territory.

Bomb craters

The military structures that are on the Asiago “Altopiano” are works born either at the end of the nineteenth century or at the beginning of the following one, that is, at the outbreak of the first world war and built by the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies since in that period it started of the territory of the Seven Municipalities was located along the state border.

There are a number of works of a defensive nature, batteries and fortresses, all almost destroyed due to the bombing, many of them were still subjected to a redevelopment and restoration plan in view of the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War.

However, all those works consisting of trenches, tunnels, walkways, observatories, caverns, underground tunnels built by the two armies and to a large extent visited, which turned the mountains of the “Altopiano” into real fortresses, should not be forgotten.

Trenches on the “Altopiano”


Here are some “tasty” suggestions …

ASIAGO – Restaurant “Stube Gourmet” – 1 Michelin Star

With its uncontaminated nature, the quiet that characterizes it, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, the innumerable receptive structures and the most varied proposals of entertainment suitable for all the tastes, the Asiago “Altopiano” offers the possibility of a vacation to the teaches about fun, sport and relaxation. Now also of good food, thanks to the Michelin star of the Stube Gourmet restaurant within the Hotel Europa which attracts gourmets with the sophisticated ideas of Alessio Longhini. A young plateau professionally grown with Norbert Niederkofler (restaurant St. Hubertus, San Cassiano, three MICHELIN stars) and capable of innovating the great classics of tradition, Alessio knows – however – to enhance both local and international ingredients with proposals such as cod pearls, dashi broth, ginger and coriander or Iberian pork with potatoes, artichokes and mustard. How to define them if not the colorful frescos of haute cuisine linked to seasonality and research?

Some delights ….

Giardino di verdure, terra alla mandorla, formaggio caprino. Piccione in tre cotture. La mucca (dessert al latte).

Modern kitchen; Venetian cuisine

Average price – From € 65 to € 106

Opening hours
Closed April, October, Monday and Tuesday except December, July and August

ADDRESS: corso IV Novembre 65/6736012 ASIAGO


GALLIO – Restaurant “AI MULINI”

“AI MULINI” is the restaurant of the GAARTEN, Gallio wellness hotel. Its rooms overlook the spectacular Valle dei Mulini and the view can range between the pastures of Val Frenzela, the sky and the top of Monte Grappa. Chef Carlo Benetti is a dean of the cuisine of these mountains and his talent will accompany you in the flavors of the time and in the landscape.

Restaurant “AI MULINI”


Right in front of the Restaurant, the “cremagliera” train from the plain came through the pastures. In Canove of that train remains the locomotive, the station and the splendor of the meadows that still surround the town. Chef Massimo Spallino love the mountain, offers advice on routes and attractions and, in his tireless research and passion, brings together in his dishes the products of the Altopiano with good Italian products.

Restaurant “Alla Vecchia Stazione”

FOZA – Restaurant “ALPI”

The Hotel Restaurant “ALPI” is located where before the Great War the ancient parish church stood and is managed by the Munari Family for over a hundred years, still today you can discover the traditional recipes of the family and the innovations introduced by the passion and research of the young Chef Gianmarco. If you are curious, ask Gianni Munari the history of the ancient church, he will proudly show you some of the magnificent marble finds he found.

Restaurant “ALPI”

ASIAGO – Restaurant “CIORI”

“Ciori” is the ancient name of the inn run by the Pertile Family in Contrada Bertigo from the early 1900s. Even today the secrets of the family recipes live in the great creative cuisine of Chef Domenico Pertile, always attentive to the tradition of the mountains but also very open to the news and contemporary techniques.

Restaurant “CIORI”

MEZZASELVA – Restaurant “K2”

From the halls of the “K2” the Val d’Assa is dominated in all its beauty: meadows, woods and villages look at each other and plunge into a gentle and deep landscape that Chef Giampaolo Slaviero will be able to tell you, perhaps in front of the fire his fireplace. If you are curious, ask them to prepare a traditional “Cimbra” dish, such as “Considera” or “polenta” made with “Rotzo” potatoes

Restaurant “K2”

ROANA – Restaurant “La Baitina di Roana”

At the “Baitina di Roana” you can breathe an intimate atmosphere almost at home: it is nice to get there in the evening, perhaps walking among the historic houses of the town center, it may be that Chef Lorenzo Peron has left the kitchen window open, in in this case, let yourself be guided by the aromas of its focaccia made with sourdough and ancient flours.

Restaurant “Baitina di Roana”


From the “Tana Gourmet” you can embrace the sweetness of these mountains with your eyes and immerse yourself with all your senses in a sublime cuisine, passing through lost traditions, pure nature and modernity, because, as Chef Alessandro Dal Gan says: “the future is written in our past”

Restaurant “LA TANA GOURMET”


From the “MilleLuci” you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Venetian plain: once you have arrived, perhaps on a summer evening, you realize that the sparkling air you breathe in this place is an essential ingredient to savor the imaginative cuisine and refined by the Chefs Giacomo and Elvis Pilati. If you are curious, this small town is an extraordinary prelude to discover the “Altopiano”

Restaurant “MilleLuci”

ENEGO – Restaurant “SETTE TESTE”

Can traditional cuisine also be refined? At the “Sette Teste” the answer is “of course yes!” because here you can immerse yourself in the history of these mountains through the experience of taste, flavors and aromas. And then there will be the stories of Chef Luca and Roberto Meneghini, father and son, precious custodians of the traditional cuisine of the “Altopiano”

Restaurant “SETTE TESTE” –

ADDRESS : Piazza S. Marco, 20, 36052 Enego VI

Tel.0424 490112

The “ASIAGO Cheese”

It is so good to have so many attempts at imitation. For this reason the real “Asiago Cheese”, a heritage of the Vicenza dairy tradition, is branded in every shape, to be immediately recognizable.

Tied to the territory in which it is produced, the “Asiago Cheese” is one of the excellences of the Vicenza tradition.

Today the “Asiago Cheese” is protected by a special Consortium, which monitors the production methods to preserve their characteristics. It is produced in two different types: “Pressato” (fresh) and “Allevo” (aged).

Some addresses of producers where you can find excellent “Asiago Cheese”:

Mario Basso

Produces in “Malga Pian di Granezza” from June to September. Tel. +39 368 3974635

Andrea e Paolo Dalla Palma

They produce in “Malga Valmaron”. The company is also an educational farm. +39 3647129 mail:

Roberto Frigo

Produces in “Malga Larici di Sotto”. It also restaurant from June to September. Tel. +39 347 2382892

In September you can’t miss two tasty weekends dedicated to the goodness of the mountain:

2020 Edition coming soon

Remember that you are in Region of VENETO, home to many exceptional and famous wines !!

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