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Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region in the north-east of Italy that overlooks the Adriatic Sea and borders with Austria and Slovenia. The region is home to the peaks of the Dolomites and the famous vineyards for white wines. Trieste, the capital, belonged in the past to the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the nineteenth century. The most famous attractions are the historic center, the promenade of Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia and the Miramare Castle, a former royal residence.



A charming and uncontaminated environment, a sweet climate all year round, peace and absolute concentration: the Grado Golf Club is all this and much more. You can experience the excitement of an international level itinerary in an island unique in the world for nature, culture and tradition: so far from the common places, so close to the heart of Europe. The 18-hole championship course will challenge and fascinate even the most expert, immersed in an extremely fascinating natural landscape. Thanks to the mild climate of the lagoon and the perfect drainage of the field, the Golf Club Grado awaits you all year round, even in winter, to offer you unforgettable moments and scenarios of play, which only golf in Friuli Venezia Giulia can give. Here you will find the refined typical and international specialties, as well as the refined wine list of an exceptional restaurant: “Al Casone”, where elegance and hospitality are at home

  • 18-Hole
  • Period of the year recommended: open all the year


The par 72 route designed by the famous architect Marco Croze covers an area of 70 hectares of extremely well-kept green that can excite at every technical level of play. The field, striking for the presence of long fairways, wide greens and vast areas of natural sand, the 18 holes fit perfectly between the water mirrors and the luxuriant vegetation of the pinewood and give life to a varied and exciting game. The Lignano Golf Club is also home to international competitions including: The Italian Women’s Open in 1993 and 1994, The PGA’s Champions Trophy of Europe in 2008, the Servizitalia Open Tour in 2012 and 2015 and the Lignano Open in 2017 .

  • 18-Hole
  • Period of the year recommended: indicatively from March to December


  • In this corner of the Collio of Gorizia covered by vineyards, there is the 18-hole golf course that frames Castello di Spessa and its park. The track is characterized by different panoramas with “old-time” charm that also differ in the fairway modeling structure in order to give the impression of playing in three different fields. The course is challenging for first class players and is fun but not overly difficult for the higher categories.
  • 18-Hole
  • Period of the year recommended: open all the year


  • The Castel d’Aviano Golf Club includes an 18-hole course that partially winds through the marvelous centuries-old park of Villa Policreti, a splendid 16th century residence overlooking the Pordenone plain. The field is not very long (about 6000 meters with the second nine holes shorter than about 500 meters of the first) but can put a strain on those who rely mainly on the length of the shots due to the presence of strategically placed natural and artificial obstacles. At the same time, let those who do not fear to close the hole with a bogey play, leaving perhaps more time to appreciate the natural and landscape context in which the field is harmoniously inserted.
  • 18-Hole
  • Period of the year recommended: open all the year


  • The playing field, following the major technical interventions of the last few years, has become a championship course that regularly hosts a stage of the European Senior Tour since 2016. The 18 holes are smooth, fun and technically demanding at the same time. Protected by centuries-old oaks, by the gentle shadows of the salvific cherry trees and by the alders, the path follows the curves of the hills offering players splendid views. All the holes in the course require the concentration of the player because none is of breath. The greens are overall pretty defended by insidious bunckers. Currently the race track is a Par 72. Technically demanding, it extends over a length of 7000 meters, respecting the morphology of the morainic hills where it is located. Within the golf course there are 3 different lengths of life: the 1.3 km green one, the 2.5 km blue one and the 5.4 km red one. Access to the trails is free for the members of the Udine Golf Club and the guests of the Villaverde facilities.
  • 18-Hole
  • Period of the year recommended: open all the year

Playing Golf, practicing your passion is fundamental but it would be a waste not to add to Your Golf Travel the chance to discover the cultural, historical and culinary opportunities that the surrounding area offers.


For many, Italy is exhausted within the boundaries of the usual tourist routes. It is not so. There are places and works of art that stand out, isolated and secret, on the margins of roads less traveled, in the shadow of simply more famous masterpieces.

  • AQUILEIAMosaici della Basilica patriarcale di Santa Maria Assunta

The original church dated back to the fourth century. The current basilica was built in the eleventh century and rebuilt again in the thirteenth century. It is located on Via Sacra, overlooking the Piazza del Capitolo, along with the bell tower and baptistery. Vikipedia

The Diocesan Museum and galleries of Tiepolo di Udine were founded in 1963 by Mons. Giuseppe Zaffonato, archbishop of Udine with the aim of preserving and enhancing the ecclesiastical cultural heritage of the archdiocese.

Villalta is the most important medieval castle of Friuli, overlooking the valleys of this region, and on a clear day one can see almost to the sea. Its history is lost in the mists of time, as Roman foundations and traces of a fortified village testify to its ancient past. The castle dates back to the year 1000.

The castle, built “high from the ground six steps and two big arms”, completed after the death of Guglielmo by his three sons Asquino, Bernardo and Vicardo who first assumed the surname of Colloredo Mels Waldsee, constitutes from his birth a typical example of a “residential” castle built for defense purposes at the center of the feud as a stable and secure residence

Probably the site of a Roman catrum, in the later strategic medieval fortress, the castle of Susans is mentioned for the first time in 1031 as “villa de Suzan”. Already subject to the Church of Aquileia, the fiefdom was assigned in 1275 to Tommaso di San Daniele. In 1304 the manor was enlarged and strengthened by the new owners Federico and Asquino di Varmo who worked to “raise the castle in a wider and more beautiful form”. Involved in numerous vicissitudes of war the fortress passes from the Varmo Pers to the lords of Colloredo Mels.

Tours & Activities

Not every day of your vacation you will play Golf. There will be days that you will devote to activities and tours. Here below FOUR suggestions:

Playing Golf, visiting historical and cultural sites without forgetting the body and mind that must be meticulously cared for …


Michelin starred restaurants, in Friuli Venezia-Giulia we have 7 of them !!

They are:

Italy is a country where the kitchen always reserves incredible surprises. The “Osterie & Trattorie” represent the perfect place to discover traditional recipes that have the power, many times, to leave you amazed during the tasting.

A kitchen that looks with love to the surrounding countryside and their riches

Recovery of traditions and organic garden are the two faces of an excellence that combines care of the roots and look at the future

Continuous search for traditional regional recipes, revisited with balance, together with the meticulous choice of quality and territoriality of the ingredients.

Impressive landscape, among vineyards and hills, Central European dishes, great tradition.

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Here the raw material is carefully selected and transformed with love and skill by professionals, in harmony with the tradition of the territory.

Unique atmospheres accompanied by a simple and effective kitchen, an impossible dimension elsewhere.

Curiosity and tradition are the sign of a tavern in a magnificent location.

Border lands where ingredients and dishes tell about cultures that influence each other. The visit to the restaurant gives an experience that in terms of food and wine is confirmed as the first order.

Traditional dishes prepared and told with passion and grace. A recommended stop for those who want to get to know this area starting from the table

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Suggestive context and excellent Carnic cuisine that looks to the future

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Trattoria that confirms itself as a reference point for border cuisine for the wise combination of traditions, research and revisiting of local dishes.

Friendly welcome, traditional cuisine with innovative touches based on excellent raw materials, some of which are homemade.

Remember that you are in Region of FRIULI VENEZIA-GIULIA , home to many exceptional and famous wines !!

The most renowned traditional varieties are the Friulian tocai, the Friulian verduzzo, the Istrian malvasia, the yellow ribolla, the picolit, and among those with red berries the refosco from the red peduncle and the pignolo, the latter able to give great wines.
The success of Friulian enology is also linked to the establishment of international wines, such as
Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

…. in addition to the wonderful wines mentioned above, we recommend a special craft beer.

The beers produced by “Foglie d’Erba”, authentic casts on the taste memory, constitute an Italian reference of the Anglo-Saxon styles, as Gino is an authentic interpreter of the values of tradition.

We hope our suggestions have been helpful. Now is the time to plan your golf vacation. Here are some basic “tools”

Choose your best, most comfortable location. Hotel? Home? Resort?

If you travel by plane, remember the dimensions of your luggage. The airlines are very strict in this regard.

Don’t forget the Golf bag cover

Important travel accessories:

Do you use the plane to travel to FRIULI-VENEZIA GIULIA? Plan your flight!

!! The most convenient airport is TRIESTE – VENEZIA !!

When you arrive at the airport, rent your most comfortable car



Now you have everything you need to plan and create your golf vacation. Use the tools to book flights, rental cars, restaurants, activities, tee times and whatever you like. Leave and enjoy your well-deserved relaxation. If you have any doubts, a booking method is not clear to you, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will solve the problem.

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Let us know what you like about what you read, the activities, the restaurants, the Trattorias, the places, the food, the golf courses and we will build the trip tailored for you based on your needs. From when you leave home to when you return. Send us a simple email, it will be a pleasure for us to work on your vacation.

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