Organizing your golf holiday in Venice is truly an experience in itself: a journey through time and an immersion in the lagoon. This splendid city floating on the water was created on about 120 islands embroidered between 150 canals and connected by over 400 bridges. Here is hidden one of the most beautiful cultural and artistic heritage in the world: the elegant buildings on the Grand Canal, the delicacy of Palazzo Ducale overlooking the San Marco basin, the grandeur of the Basilica and the bell tower of San Marco, but also the small shops craftsmen and picturesque colorful houses, the tradition of Murano glass and Burano lace, a romantic gondola ride or an aperitif in the tavern.

Golf holidays in Italy and other destinations are almost always made up of several golf courses. Venice no, it’s a particular golfing vacation that deserves an exception. Only one picturesque, exciting golf course perfectly set in the territory of the fascinating Venetian Lagoon.

The golf vacation in Venice demands that you have free time to dedicate to this wonderful city. On the internet you will find thousands of news on what to visit and what to do, here we try to make you discover Tours & Activities that can somehow leave you a beautiful and genuine emotion inside you.

GENERAL MAP: Golf Courses, Airports, main Tours & Activities places

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Circolo Golf Venezia


The characteristic is that it is found … in the middle of the sea! Here are some suggestions on how to get to Circolo Golf Venezia:

From the Mestre motorway junction:
Mestre exit, follow the signs for Venice. At the end of the bridge that connects Venice to the mainland, turn right and follow the directions for boarding the ferry-boat at Tronchetto. Departures of the ferry-boat to the Lido every 50 minutes. Arrived at the island of Lido, turn right and follow the main road along the lagoon to the Alberoni (about 11 km)

From Venice:
you can take a water taxi or the vaporetto to Santa Maria Elisabetta / Lido then take a taxi or bus line A – as above.

From Marco Polo Tessera airport:
Alilaguna motorboat service to the Santa Maria Elisabetta / Lido stop, then take a taxi or bus line A (with departures every 20 minutes) with a stop in front of the Circolo immediately after having crossed the Alberoni center.

From the Fusina Terminal:
it is also possible to reach the Golf Club by parking the car at the Fusina Terminal (free parking) and take the speedboat bound for the Alberoni. (About 30 minutes). After booking, a Circolo minibus will take you to the Golf.
This is a very convenient way to reach the club if you are driving to Venice or a day trip.

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Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.

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Venice is universally recognized as a jewel of architecture, art and engineering, built on foundations removed from the water of the lagoon. It is also the city with the highest density of masterpieces per sq. Km, which is teeming with commercial activities among the narrow streets: crafts, cooking and music, just to name a few. Does this particularity that makes it unique in the world, or being “built on water”, jeopardize the period of visit by tourists? The truth is that in Venice it is high season all year round.

The climate of Venice is moderately continental and typically Po, with cold and humid winters and hot and muggy summers, the presence of the Adriatic Sea contributes to influencing temperatures. Although crowded with tourists throughout the year, Venice reaches its peak in Spring (between Easter and June) and between September and October.
Summer is probably the worst time to visit it, temperatures are around 27 ° C but the heat felt is greater due to the high humidity.
Rainfall is quite high between May and June, as well as the first part of winter, where floods and fog are frequent. January and February are the coldest months of the year, temperatures range between 0 ° C and 7 ° C, but on the other hand, the snow is almost never seen. The intermediate seasons are particularly pleasant, with temperatures between 16 ° C and 19 ° C.

In Venice, in March, we witness the awakening of nature from winter hibernation. This “rebirth” is found not only in parks and public gardens, but also in bars and restaurants that set up tables placed outside. The cold of the previous months slowly leaves the city, leaving room for the most pleasant temperatures that settle between 13 and 15 degrees. The rains, at this time of year, are not to be excluded, as well as the consequent phenomenon of high water!
In case of bad weather, there are still many activities to be carried out, such as visiting churches, palaces, museums and theaters including the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marco, or the Accademia Gallery.

We often choose to visit the cities of art in the mid-seasons, but in Venice the low season never exists. In the height of summer there is heat and long days that stimulate the desire to be outdoors and tourists can entertain themselves with different activities for all tastes. Summer in the north east can be hot, with temperatures exceeding 30 °, but what complicates things more is the intense humidity, even more accentuated in a lagoon city like the Serenissima.

The temperatures of Venice, in Autumn, are still pleasant and are around 18 °. It is one of the best times to visit the city, even if the sky is no longer blue but often gives way to the gray color, fed by the fog that spreads between the streets and canals. The atmosphere is melancholic and almost spooky but at the same time full of charm, ideal for guided tours.

In October the characteristic high water returns, mainly due to the tidal cycle of the Adriatic: a city as ancient as Venice, partially flooded, offers a unique and attractive spectacle, which has conquered tourists from all over the world for decades.
Although it is considered by all to be a totally Anglo-Saxon phenomenon, few know that Halloween’s roots are surprisingly linked to the Venetian tradition. The activity of carving pumpkins and displaying them, with a candle inside, during the eve of Ognissanti, was in fact an ancient practice widespread in the city, with the name of Suche dei morti or Suca baruca.

A winter holiday is a life experience that only Venice can offer. The Christmas climate virtually “warms” the atmosphere, even if the temperatures are no higher than 7 °.
In December numerous theatrical and musical events are staged, an ice skating rink is also set up for the more adventurous. During the Immaculate Conception you will be able to enjoy the reflections of the lights and illuminated buildings in the city canal, enjoying the local gastronomy.

In the city, in fact, the feast is particularly felt and celebrated with the water procession in the Grand Canal which includes a parade of typical Venetian boats. The Christmas celebrations provide the opportunity to buy unique and characteristic gifts in the markets set up in the squares. The New Year is the pinnacle of winter celebrations, a truly magical and unforgettable evening in Piazza San Marco where singers and artists perform.


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Venetian cuisine is very varied and particular, thanks to the influence of cultures that have crossed paths in the beautiful lagoon city. This is how the Venetian kosher cuisine was born, which today is combined with ancient traditional recipes, street food and “chichéti”, the typical aperitifs served in bacari (a sort of tavern) where you toast with the spritz accompanied by the sandwiches Venetians and other appetizers. The Venetian gastronomic tradition is based on very simple recipes that combine local products such as fish from the lagoon, vegetables from the Venetian countryside, risotto and polenta. But unlike other regional cuisines, the Venetian one is rather spicy; spices have always been a fundamental ingredient and this is due to the role of a great port that Venice had in the past; in fact, many merchants came from the East to trade spices and other products.

Aperitifs and appetizers

Sarde in saor

This dish is based on fried sardines, which are marinated with onions, raisins and pine nuts to give this dish a sweet and sour taste. Excellent as an aperitif or appetizer, to be paired naturally with a glass of spritz.


The moléche are small green crabs of the lagoon that in the moulting phase, usually in the spring and autumn months, abandon their carapace and are more tender and soft. They are then fried and generally served as an appetizer or aperitif, but they can also be part of a second dish with other ingredients.


Appetizer, aperitif or snack during the day, the sandwiches are loved by the Venetians. Walking through Venice you will not have difficulty finding bars, specialized shops and stalls selling sandwiches in all sauces, with ham, vegetables, cheeses, fish, etc.

First dishes


Risottos are a very important part of the Venetian tradition and among the most famous dishes there are Risi and Bisi, an excellent spring recipe very tasty: it is a simple risotto with peas cooked in a pan together with bacon, onion, parsley and condiments. Another highly appreciated risotto is that of sparasi, or asparagus, and risoto de gò, risotto with goby, a small fish typical of the Venetian lagoon.

Pasta e fasoi

Pasta with beans is a poor dish, inspired by the peasant tradition. A simple recipe, now loved and famous all over Italy, that basically a bean soup in which a long broken pasta is called, called “signorine” or “reginelle”.

Bigoli in salsa

Bigoli are a typical Venetian soft wheat pasta, similar to spaghetti but with a greater thickness, which in this recipe is seasoned with a sauce of anchovies and onions. In some variants, tuna, capers and some cherry tomatoes are added or a creaming with melted butter is carried out. It is a typical dish of the festive vigil.

Main courses

Baccalà mantecato

The most famous typically winter dish is creamed cod: the cod fillet is first marinated and then worked until it is almost cream and then served on a bed of polenta, often grilled. In addition to being proposed as a second course, it is one of the most popular aperitifs.

Fegato alla veneziana

Among the main courses of meat, the best known is undoubtedly the Venetian liver: it is veal or pork liver that is cooked in a pan with white onions, extra virgin olive oil, butter and aromas and a slight tinge with wine white towards the end of cooking. It is usually accompanied by polenta.

Pastissada de manzo

Another traditional recipe is pastissada de manzo, consisting of beef cut into small pieces which is left to marinate in wine for a day and flavored with spices, vegetables and lard. It requires slow cooking, at least 2-3 hours in a pan with tomato sauce and the result is similar to a stew, but with a more particular flavor given by the spices.

Poenta e schie

Schie are small lagoon prawns, which are first peeled and cleaned and then fried. They are served lying on a bed of yellow polenta for a truly exquisite combination.

Sepe col nero

This dish is based on cuttlefish which are cooked in a pan with oil, garlic, parsley, white wine and your own ink. They are served with spaghetti or with polenta and it is a delicious dish to try absolutely!

Pan biscoto

Rusk bread is a bread prepared with sourdough and requires a long process, which lasts 24 hours and makes it very crumbly. The pan biscoto was born out of the need to keep the bread for long periods and in fact it can also be kept for a few months. It goes well with cold cuts, cheeses and aperitifs.



Among the typical desserts of Venice there are many variations of biscuits, starting from the baicoli of dry biscuits with long and laborious preparation, which are traditionally drenched in coffee and eggnog. Other famous biscuits are the Zaeti, always dry biscuits prepared with a corn flour and sweetened with raisins and lemon zest. The bussolai are also delicious, with a characteristic circular shape, prepared with eggs, flour, sugar and butter. They are always dry biscuits and you can find them in many variations with vanilla, lemon or with a little liqueur.


Pinsa is a simple dessert that comes from the peasant tradition: it is based on stale bread, combined with raisins, dried fruit, candied fruit, milk, eggs, sugar and apples. It is used to eat it at the end of the meal, pairing it with a glass of red wine.


Typical dessert of the Venice Carnival, the fritole are delicious pancakes, prepared according to the classic recipe with a dough based on eggs, sugar, flour, raisins and pine nuts, but in some variations they can also be enriched with fruit, chocolate and custard .


In Venice, Easter also means fugassa, or “focaccia”, a traditional sweet bread similar to the dove and prepared with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, yeast and eggs.

Typical drinks


Today famous throughout Italy, spritz is the typical drink of Venice and is made with carbonated water, white wine, ice, lemon zest and Aperol, which can be replaced by bitters.


The Bellini is a drink created in Venice in the famous Harry’s bar. A key ingredient in the drink is Conegliano prosecco.


Venice is located in the Veneto region. Veneto is certainly one of the main Italian regions for the production of wines with an interesting offer in variety and quality. It has numerous DOCG and DOC wines which include white, red and sweet wines.

Veneto is a region with a solid winegrowing tradition, which maintains the scepter of Italian production with just under 8.174.000 hl of wine in 2009, with a minimum prevalence of white, and 30% of wines are DOCG and DOC.

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Michelin Restaurants

To facilitate your search and choice of the best Michelin restaurant / tavern in VENICE area I insert link to the Michelin Guide website. Enjoy your meal!

Slow Food Restaurants & Taverns

Il SognoMirano (Ve)
Da Paeto Pianiga (Ve)

VENETIAN TRADITION: Bacari, cicheti and ombre

While on the one hand the old Venetian tradition of “far do ciacole” while enjoying a cicheto and drinking a ombra is gradually disappearing, on the other hand some young attentive, curious and in love with Venice restaurateurs are trying to revive those traditional habits with a more modern spirit and, above all, with an attention to the quality of the products often ignored in the past.


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