Also known as little Rome, Verona is one of the most romantic cities in the whole Peninsula: a theater where you can read the tragic events of Romeo and Juliet, Verona still retains an all-Shakespearean flavor, even if in reality the known tragedy is not never happened. But you golfer does not care: of course, a look at Juliet’s balcony must always be given, but there are countless things to do and see in the Venetian capital as well as choosing between 5 super Golf Courses. Walking through the marble-paved streets in this city full of architectures that capture the view is undoubtedly an experience worth doing: Verona has always been a prominent city, which has been able to integrate the various influences that have followed one another over the centuries and which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site precisely for its architecture and urban structure.

“The Wall of Lovers” at the entrance to the porch that introduces the famous balcony of Juliet and Romeo.

Verona offers excellent golf courses that can be “played” by making absolutely non-binding trips. The most distant golf course is 40 km away, reachable by a comfortable road. We have identified 5 Golf Courses, all very beautiful and playable. Of course, all our advice on Tours & Activities, Restaurants, Taverns, cultural and historical visits and the inevitable Food & Drink will not be missing. And then the wines. In this area you really are in an area where excellence is the master: how not to taste an exciting glass of Amarone?


Golf Club Ca’ degli Ulivi

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Golf Club Paradiso del Garda

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Golf Club Villa Giusti

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Golf Club Verona

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Golf Club Villafranca – Le Vigne

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Verona offers a wide choice of hotels. Of all categories, villas, apartments and more. Below you can find what you need as always with the utmost freedom to choose based on your needs.

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Veronese cuisine makes use of many excellent products, which in recent years have received quality certifications, and for the rich wine production. Since ancient Roman times, noble families were famous throughout the empire for the goodness of the dishes they prepared during receptions. Even later, in the Middle Ages, it is said that the Scaliger princes offered exquisite dishes to their guests.


Verona gnocchi are a classic of Veronese cuisine, which was usually prepared during Carnival. They date back to the mid-1500s. According to popular narratives it seems that they saved the city from famine. The dough is prepared with white flour, potatoes and eggs. The dressing obviously changes, from the sauce to the sugar and cinnamon to the sweet ones.

Pastissada de caval

True delicacy, this recipe is over 1500 years old. It is a stew made with horse meat, wine, vegetables and herbs. According to tradition, at the end of the battle fought in 489 between Theodoric and Odoacre there were hundreds of dead horses. The hungry Veronese cut the meat and put it to macerate in the red wine of Valpolicella, flavoring it with spices and vegetables, to be able to consume it if necessary.

Bollito con pearà

A dish for large parties, the mixed meat boiled meat with pearà is another delicacy of Veronese cuisine. Pearà is a sauce made with breadcrumbs, broth, ox marrow and plenty of pepper. There are numerous variations of this recipe.


It is a typical Christmas cake of the Veronese tradition. It has the shape of an eight-pointed star. In the Middle Ages he was the ancestor of Pandoro: he was born towards the end of the thirteenth century to celebrate the first Christmas after the investiture of the Della Scala who became lords of Verona. Unlike Pandoro, it is a slightly leavened and not very high sweet.


Particular species of pancakes, the Veronese Fritole differentiate from the Venetian Fritole for the presence of the apple and the use of grappa instead of rum. They probably date back to the 14th century and were prepared for the carnival. They were proclaimed “National sweet of the Veneto State in the 1700s.


Verona is surrounded by areas of wine production, some very old and renowned, whose wines are appreciated in Italy and all over the world.

Few products are inextricably linked to the history, culture and traditions of a territory as much as wine.

A guided tour of the cellar with tasting is an exciting experience for everyone, not only for lovers and wine experts. From Verona, in no more than half an hour by car, you can easily reach the cellars of the various wine production areas. The visit normally includes a walk in the vineyards to discover the autochthonous grape varieties, then continue in the production cellar with fermentation vats and in the aging cellar with large oak barrels. Everything ends with a wine tasting that can be accompanied by snacks or become a complete meal.

The wine-growing areas of Verona


Valpolicella, also thanks to the international success of Amarone, now counted among the most prestigious Italian wines, is certainly the most well-known Veronese wine production area. There are many wineries that can be visited, some of which are housed in sumptuous villas and rustic farmhouses, where you can spend convivial moments learning all about the production of Amarone and tasting great wines together with local products such as the soppressa veneta and Monte Veronese cheese. Valpolicella also offers numerous ideas for the construction of exciting guided itineraries that combine history, art and natural beauty such as the Molina waterfalls or the Veja bridge.


Soave is one of the best known and exported Italian white wines, produced from native grapes (mainly Garganega) grown at the eastern end of the province of Verona, in an area rich in history. Once upon a time, Via Postumia passed by Soave, a Roman road that crossed all of northern Italy from east to west. In the Middle Ages, this strategic position made Soave a disputed outpost between neighboring municipalities and lordships, and the majestic castle was built several times that still today, with its keep and crenellated walls dominates the hilly landscape covered with vineyards.


On the splendid hills surrounding the eastern shore of Lake Garda is the Bardolino wine-growing area, one of the first Italian red wines to receive DOC certification. A light wine, also in the rosé version, to be drunk chilled, as an aperitif or to accompany cold cuts, cheeses, white meats. Ideal with pizza. In addition to wine, the Bardolino area offers a variety of options for a more complex tour that includes visiting the villages of the lake, with Romanesque churches, monasteries, Scaliger castles connected by scenic roads.


Custoza is a very pleasant light, fresh and fragrant white wine. The territory from which it is born is rich in landscape beauty and history. It is also remembered as a theater of bloody Risorgimento battles that still echo in school memories.
A short distance from Lake Garda, from suggestive and fascinating places such as Borghetto, Valeggio sul Mincio, Sirmione, a visit with the tourist guides of Verona to one or more wineries in the Custoza can easily become part of a more complex and articulated itinerary that integrate history, art and naturalistic themes.


The production area of Lugana DOC, between the southern coast of Lake Garda and the morainic hills that surround it, is one of the smallest in Italy, so much so that it struggles to keep up with the growing demand for this highly successful wine. The clay soil and the variety of Turbiana grapes give life to a savory and structured white wine that can age very well. The area, very close to Sirmione, San Martino della Battaglia, Borghetto and Valeggio, is ideal for guided itineraries that combine wine, landscapes, history and art.


The eastern side of the Lessini mountains, that is the Veronese pre-Alps, with their volcanic soils, the strong temperature changes, combined with the characteristics of the Durella grape, give life to a great sparkling wine made with the classic method, perfect as an aperitif or even to all meal. Lessini Durello DOC is still a little-known wine although in recent years it is experiencing growing success. The guided tour of one or more wineries of Durello DOC allows you to get to know the particular sparkling techniques that are increasingly spreading in Italy and a natural territory devoid of that intense construction activity that has ruined many rural areas of Veneto.

Where to eat in Verona

Starred Restaurants

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  • 2 stars

Verona – Casa Perbellini

  • 1 star

Isola Rizza (VR) – Perbellini
Malcesine (VR) – Vecchia Malcesine
San Bonifacio (VR) – Degusto Cuisine – NEW
Verona – 12 Apostoli – NEW
Verona – Il Desco
Verona – Osteria la Fontanina

Slow Food Restaurants & Taverns

Enoteca Della Valpolicella – Fumane (Vr)

Al Bersagliere – Verona


Melo Decio di Belfiore

There is talk of a rare quality of apples. In the area of Belfiore, this variety has had its greatest expansion and obtained the best production quality. Once harvested, the fruits must be stored by placing them on the straw or exposing them to the sun, over time their acidity is lowered and the taste becomes delicate. They are eaten fresh and are excellent for the production of mustards.

Referrals of the producers:

Antonello Marconi +39 347 8870257

Stefano Alberti +39 346 2177829

Cheese – Monte veronese di Malga

The Lessini mountains, around Verona. The cheeses of the territory are almost always obtained by cheese making milk which has already undergone a first skimming process intended for the production of butter.

Referrals of the producers:

Paola Giagulli –

Pero misso della Lessinia

Of this Pear fruit there are about 200 trees left, located in the upper Valpolicella. The particularity of this variety is due to the fact that, to be consumed, it must first undergo a process of “ammezzimento” that is a ripening of the fruits after the harvest. Pear fruit is picked unripe and placed on a cardboard tray or in a wooden box.

Referrals of the producers:

Roberto Marchesini –




An art treasure enclosed within the fourteenth-century walls of the Due Torri Hotel in Verona comes back to life thanks to the Duetorrihotels Group’s desire, excellence of the Italian hotel industry, to invest in the uniqueness of the artistic heritage. The extraordinary and previously unpublished frescoes of the Arena Casarini, the only wall painting with a circus theme in the career of the Veronese Maestro Pino Casarini, re-emerge after a major voluntary recovery work. We are in the heart of the Scaliger city, where a few steps reveal a unique artistic heritage in the eyes of the spectator: Piazza Sant’Anastasia, Piazza Bra and the majestic Arena, Juliet’s balcony of sighs and, beyond, the medieval Torre dei Lamberti and the Romanesque Cathedral. And from today the enchantment and magic of the equestrian circus in the triumph of vivid chromatism and plasticity born from the imaginative inspiration of Pino Casarini, who at the end of the fifties was called to realize the extraordinary work by the new owner Enrico Wallner.


Food & Wine Tours

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