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Cyprus is an incredible island. A place where history and legend merge, under a clear blue sky that illuminates the golden fields, while the calm waters of the Mediterranean caress the coasts of this island at the turn of the East and the West. Discovering the history of Cyprus is a bit like rereading the history of the Mediterranean, or at least a summary of it. Ancient Greeks and rich Romans, saints in search of refuge and crusading knights in search of fortune, Venetian merchants and ruthless janissaries: that of Cyprus is a story that becomes a meeting (sometimes clash) between different cultures.

It is probably this encounter of cultures stratified over the centuries that made the island of Cyprus so interesting, together with its splendid landscapes and a mild climate that welcomes golfers. For this reason, Cyprus turns out to be an excellent half for organizing an off-season golfing holiday, especially in late September-early October, when the weather is cooler, also ideal for many excursions and extra-golf activities.


Eléa Golf Club

Eléa Golf Club

Aphrodite Hills Golf

Aphrodite Hills Golf,

Secret Valley Golf Club

Secret Valley Golf Club

CYPRUS Extra Golf Free Time Tours & Activities

How to reach Cyprus

You can choose from 3 Airports:

  • Paphos International Airport Map link
  • Larnaca International AirportMap link
  • Nicosia International AirportMap link

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