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In Antigua, life is a beach. Its irregular coast is surrounded by hundreds of splendid coves, bathed by magnificent blue waters, while sheltered bays have given shelter to everyone, from Admiral Nelson to pirates and boaters. Antigua is also a Caribbean island par excellence, full of pastel-colored villages, a relaxation filled with rum and people with lively eyes ready to greet you with a broad smile.


Cedar Valley Golf Club

Cedar Valley

Jolly Harbour Golf Club – Antigua & Barbuda’s Best Golf Course 2019

Jolly Harbour

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How to reach ANTIGUA

Some information you need to know

  • When to go

The best months to visit Antigua and Barbuda are the winter months. The high tourist season runs from mid-December to mid-April. In the months of January and February the average temperature fluctuates around 27 ° C. During the summer the temperature increases, just think that in the months of July and August the temperature reaches even 30 ° C, in contrast in the autumn months that is from September to November, the climate is less dry.

  • Prices for meals and accommodation

For a comfortable holiday, the budget to spend is a few hundred dollars a day; on the contrary, if you want to have fun with balance, you need to calculate around US $ 100 a day. For a cheap trip we spend a minimum of US $ 30-50 a day; from this amount, however, both activities and visits are excluded. US dollars are also accepted on the island but it is usually best to pay in EC dollars. MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards are allowed everywhere, even if the commission charged is in US dollars. Please note that in many restaurants a 10% service charge is also applied.

  • Transports

The archipelago is perfectly accessible with scheduled flights from Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, New York, Miami or Puerto Rico. Air Canada, British Airways and Air France companies operate direct flights weekly. With the LIAT airline you can reach Antigua and Barbuda from any Caribbean island. All direct flights to Barbuda call at the VC Bird Airport in Antigua, which is located about 6km east of the capital, St John’s; we remind you that the tax of EC $ 35, you pay at the airport.

There is no bus line that connects the airport to the city, but there is a taxi service whose rates are fixed and controlled by the government. Buses connecting St John’s to Falmouth and English Harbor cover the journey in about thirty minutes. There are no buses connecting St John’s to Dickenson Bay or other tourist areas located in the northern regions of the island. The best way to visit the island is by renting the car at the many agencies on the island. To make the rental you need a temporary license of ninety days which is obtained directly from the rental agencies or from the Inland Revenue Departement of St John’s, showing the Italian driving license and on payment of a modest sum. At Jolly Harbor you can also rent motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. In Barbuda there are neither public transport nor taxis, so the best way to get around the island is by car, but the rental agencies that offer this service are not always the same and it is not easy to identify them. To reach Barbuda starting from Antigua, day-return tours are recommended.

VC Bird International Airport

What to do for your flight

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Booking Hotels

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