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Defined by Marco Polo as “the most beautiful island in the world”, Sri Lanka is the perfect travel destination for those who love nature, culture and history. The country offers an almost infinite variety of things to see and activities to do: it ranges from visiting the remains of ancient cultures dating back two thousand years ago in the area of the Cultural Triangle to beautiful excursions in national parks, in search of numerous animal species such as leopards, elephants, birds and many others.


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Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.

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When organizing your Golf experience in Sri Lanka

The climate in Sri Lanka is quite particular, in fact it is characterized by the presence of two monsoons that help to ensure that there are different “seasons” in the same period in various parts of the island. The south-western monsoon causes rain on the west and south-west coasts from April to September, while the north-eastern monsoon strikes the eastern part of the country from November to March. Having said that the positive note is that there will always be a part of the country where the climate is perfect for organizing a trip to Sri Lanka and being close to the equator the temperatures in general will be constant throughout the year.

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What to eat in Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lankan cuisine is very similar to Indian and Asian in general, the years of colonization and influences from other cultures have allowed the country to develop its own gastronomic identity. As in many tropical islands some ingredients are present in many recipes, just think of coconut and fish, which are added to those foods widely used in Asian cuisine, such as curry and rice. The specialties are very seasoned and tasty, also because of the widespread use of spices, in some cases very spicy and with a decidedly strong taste and aroma that may not satisfy all palates, but they are a must try. Street food is also an essential part of local cuisine, so going around the country you will surely find lots of stalls selling various dishes, especially fried ones.

Curry & Rice

The most typical dish is rice & curry, or rice and curry. Rice is almost always present and in this case it is combined with various sauces and curry based on vegetables, meat or fish. The curry is flavored with fresh spices and aromatic herbs and, in the spicy versions, with chilli. One of the most typical curries is Daal Curry, made with lentils cooked with coconut milk and then paired with rice. To the combination rice + curry are then added many other ingredients to create each time a different dish: from fried or roasted fish to seafood, from fruit and vegetables to chicken and eggs.

One of the most eaten and appreciated street food specialties is kottu, based on chopped pieces of fried paratha (Indian bread) that is mixed with many different ingredients, such as vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, etc. Everything is naturally spiced and cooked on the hot plate. They sell it both at street stalls and take-aways and it’s the classic takeaway.

Egg Hoppers – Appa
Among the most popular dishes of the country there are the hoppers, also called appa: they are a kind of crepes, a little crunchy, prepared with a batter made with eggs and coconut milk. They have a concave shape, like a sort of bowl, because instead of the usual plate for crepes a small wok is used for cooking, in this way they remain thick and softer on the bottom and thin and crunchy towards the edges. Inside they are then stuffed with various ingredients, such as sauces, vegetables or eggs.

Paratha is an Indian bread, similar to a small and high piadina that can be stuffed and eaten as a food for a walk or is accompanied by rice and curry dishes.

A typical street food specialty, the roti is a sort of burrito that is comfortable to eat while walking down the street. It is cheap and there are various types depending on the filling: the Roti Protein, also called Sri Lankan Chorizo, is composed of a sort of piadina stuffed with soy proteins that however remember the flavor of Mexican chorizo; the Egg Roti is instead filled with egg.

Pol Sambol
Very simple to prepare and made up of a few ingredients: it is a mix of grated coconut, powdered red pepper and spices, lime juice, red onions and salt. It usually accompanies curry and rice dishes or is served with bread.

This recipe has Dutch origins and is prepared with various types of meat, rice and various curries. Everything is cooked together with steam, wrapped in banana leaves along with various spices including cardamom and cinnamon. Eggs are also added in some versions.

Wambatu Moju – Brinjal Eggplant
This recipe is practically eggplant based and often accompanies curry and rice dishes, but the peculiarity is precisely the cooking method. In essence it is first cut into cubes and fried to then be caramelized with sugar, vinegar, red onions, green chili and mustard seeds. The result is a really delicious sweet-salty contrast.

The Mallum is a gotukola salad, an Asian medicinal herb with a cabbage-like flavor, which is minced and combined with grated coconut, red onions and some spices. It can be eaten alone or combined with rice and curry dishes.

Ulundhu Vadai
They are small, very tasty lentil-based pancakes that are then spiced and fried, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

A special mention should be made of the tropical fruit that you will find in abundance in Sri Lanka. From classic mangoes and pineapples to the most particular durian, wood apple and jackfruit, you can’t miss these refreshing delicacies, excellent on hot summer afternoons. You can taste the fresh fruit or try it in the form of tasty smoothies.

Some fruits are also served as a fried snack to be consumed at the stalls. One of the most popular snacks is the fried jackfruit seeds, which are salted and served in a small paper bag to eat while walking.

If you have a sweet tooth you will not struggle to find so many delicacies around the country, starting from the classic chocolate, coconut, banana and other fruit cakes, various types of pancakes and pancakes, and rice and coconut cakes.

Yugurt (curd) and Kitul
One of the most popular desserts is buffalo milk yogurt, creamy and slightly acid, sweetened with kitul molasses, a sweet syrup made from the palm tree of the same name.

The Pittus are small crumbly sweets made from rice flour or other types, freshly grated coconut and dehydrated coconut. Traditionally they are steamed and served with sweet coconut milk.

What to drink in Sri Lanka

Coconut water
Very widespread and appreciated on hot summer afternoons, it should be drunk directly from the fruit.

Woodapple juice
The taste of this fruit is similar to tamarind and the juice is very popular in Sri Lanka. Being a little bitter it is often sweetened with a little sugar.

Ceylon tea
Given that Sri Lanka is one of the world’s leading tea producers, you can’t miss a cup of this drink, perhaps on a visit to one of the country’s many plantations and businesses. You will find several variations and you can enjoy it simple, spicy or with milk.

Getting around in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island, but often moving from one side to the other could be more complicated than you think: the streets, although in excellent condition, are often busy, especially in big cities like Colombo, transport is slow and therefore it takes a long time to do even a few kilometers. But it is also true that the means of transport are easy to find and that outside of the big cities and tourist resorts you will be able to cross landscapes of incredible beauty, with plantations, tropical forests, beaches and beautiful mountain peaks.

Some tourists decide to rent a car with a private driver to make the classic road trip, but it must be said that traveling around Sri Lanka by public transport is easy and cheap, although it is probably not a quick and comfortable solution, because often vehicles like buses, the most common, are very crowded and not really modern.

Getting around the country


Taxis are convenient for getting around the city, especially in the capital Colombo. Faster than buses, they are still an economical means of comparison with western standards. The official ones are yellow with the red and white sign placed on the car. “Budget taxis” are also very common, ie cars run by private companies that apply lower prices than official taxis; in recent years the Uber service has also become very popular and used. Unless you have agreed a daily amount with the driver, all taxis operate by meter, but above all in big cities it is always better to ask for confirmation before boarding. Normally it is customary to leave the taxi driver 10% tip.

Tuk tuk
The tuk tuks are picturesque three-wheeled vehicles, typical of Asian countries, but given that they are not very comfortable, suitable for short journeys within cities and small villages. They are more expensive than public transport and be careful because they do not have a meter, so it is always a good idea to agree with the driver on the fare. It must be said that most of the time drivers charge a higher price to foreigners: the best rate you will be able to obtain is around 50-75 rupees per km for short trips, with a supplement at night. Safety is another weak point, because they are not equipped with belts and are open on both sides. They are however very numerous and you will have no difficulty in identifying them on the main roads, so they are comfortable if you are tired of walking and want to reach your destination quickly.

Car rent
Car rent is an issue that often divides a bit, because there are those who recommend it and those who don’t. Driving on the left is one of the first difficulties to face when you are behind the wheel, along with other factors, such as busy city streets and reckless driving by locals. However, hiring a car is cheap and guarantees maximum freedom if, for example, you want to take a tour on the road in the country. To be able to drive it is necessary not only to have an international driving license, but also to have it validated in a special office that will be indicated to you by the rental company. Many tourists prefer to rent a car with a driver, because it is cheaper: often the car is free and all you have to pay is the driver and petrol. In addition to the economic advantage, you must consider the fact of having a local person available, practicing the streets and in some cases they are real guides with historical, natural and cultural knowledge of the main attractions.

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