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The Isle of Man, the “little Great Britain” as it is called by the other inhabitants of the United Kingdom, is a charming and charming town in the middle of the Irish Sea, an island proud of its cultural and administrative independence which offers a an incredible variety of attractions, your next Golf Experience really deserves to be organized here, to discover places with a magical atmosphere, enchanted castles and Natural Parks.

The best time to visit the island is spring and early summer when temperatures are mild and days are long and sunny; in this way it is possible to make long excursions, walks in the woods and visit the most suggestive places as well as obviously playing Golf in its suggestive courses.


  • Ferry

Tickets for the ferry can be bought at the ports of Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Liverpool or Larne, or using the various online services related to the island. Also, return tickets can be purchased directly on boarding docks present on the Isle of Man. In general, ferries host a variable number of seats. The duration of the journey depends on the weather.

  • Flights

There is an airport in Douglas. Every day several planes from the major cities of the United Kingdom and Ireland appear at the Island airport. In the summer months, with a large tourist flow both whole and external, the air connections intensify enormously. Once in place you can use the car rental service.


King Edward Bay Golf Club

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Castletown Golf Links

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Port St Mary

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Rowany Golf Club

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Peel Golf Club

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Ramsey Golf Club

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Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.


Isle of Man offers a wide choice of hotels. Of all categories, villas, apartments and more. Below you can find what you need as always with the utmost freedom to choose based on your needs.


In addition to British and Scottish influences, the culinary tradition of the Isle of Man is influenced by French, Italian and Spanish cuisine, with some forays into Indian and Thai flavors. Despite this tasty melting pot, however, it is possible to highlight a local tradition based on dairy production. Milk, cheese, yogurt and butter are produced in the many dairies and farms of the island. To these are added the excellent beef, pork and sheep of indigenous production, used to produce delicious seconds or hams or smoked meat.
Do not miss the fish, the main food since ancient times.

Great importance is also given to the appearance of each dish, which must be based on a wise balance of taste, color and proportions. The side dishes are based on vegetables and cereals. The culinary flag is represented however by the smoked herring, whose tradition dates back to the end of the 1800s. The herrings are fished in the months of July and August and later cut, salted and smoked with oak chips, to give them a unique and unmistakable flavor . Smoked herring can be bought anywhere on the island and is never lacking in restaurant menus.
Another very popular dish is the manx queenies, the scallops served with a white garlic sauce or cheese. Among the meat dishes, typical of the island is the Manx or Loaghtan lamb, native sheep, of small size, dark brown fleece and two or four horns on the head. Raised in the wild, it has a dark, lean meat with a slightly wild flavor.

The inhabitants of the island are great consumers of tea, served with biscuits and desserts of all kinds. Among these, there is the typical bonnag, a sweet focaccia made with flour, sugar, eggs and sultanas. a tradition rooted on the island is that of ice cream that is produced in more than 100 flavors, including sweet and savory, creams and sorbets. The island is also famous for the production of chocolate, sold in the form of tablets, chocolates, pralines.


Tours & Activities


  • Isle Of Man Airport
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What to do for your flight


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