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Corfu, called Kerkyra by the Greeks, is part of the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Islands and is an island that deserves to be discovered a little at a time. In addition to its welcoming cities, at geological level it offers stupendous beaches and magnificent natural places, while, from the historical and cultural point of view, Corfu contains within it Greek and Corinthian, English, Italian and Venetian inspirations, blending them harmoniously, and it is above all for this reason, not surprisingly, which is called “navel of the world”. The beauty of the island has often enchanted and inspired many great artists who have also stayed there, such as Goethe, Sisley and Durrel. Not only sea, if you go to the discovery of the hinterland in fact, you will find a green nature, characterized by impressive olive trees that from the slopes reach the coasts. Ready to organize your next Golf Experience?


Corfu Golf Club

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Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.


Corfu offers a wide choice of hotels. Of all categories, villas, apartments and more. Below you can find what you need as always with the utmost freedom to choose based on your needs.


In Corfu, in addition to finding the classic offer of Greek dishes – such as the famous choriàtiki, or Greek salad with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and onions, or moussaka, a sort of eggplant parmigiana, considered a national dish, or, for a quick lunch, the pita ghiros, the Greek version of the piadina rolled with pork – you can also enjoy typical local delicacies, which will make your Golf Experience unforgettable.


Here is a goodness that you can only taste in Corfu, and as the name suggests, it is a very abundant dish: for this it is recommended not to overeat before hors d’oeuvres and Greek olives, because you are sure it will satisfy you. Scared? There is no need: it is a pasta (ziti) that reminds of our bucatini, with a tomato and meat sauce: the traditional one is made with the cockerel, but there are variations that include the calf. The meat is cooked separately in a pan with fresh tomatoes, cinnamon, wine, onion, red pepper, bay leaves and other spices and then put together with the pasta


Among the meat dishes, if you go to a restaurant, you should definitely try this tasty traditional recipe. The sofrito consists of veal cooked in a casserole with wine, white pepper and garlic, accompanied by rice. But the secrets to making a perfect one are two: the cutting of the meat and the experience to cook it in the right way. In fact, first of all it is necessary to choose the type of meat and the cut, and they will have to be thin slices, better if of calf because with the cooking it will become so tender to melt in the mouth. Then, before putting it in a casserole dish, it is important to put the meat in the flour and toss it in a pan until it is golden brown on both sides, so as to keep it juicy. At this point, it is left to cook with white wine, vinegar, garlic and parsley, which will thicken forming a tasty and firm sauce.


Witness of an ancient tradition of Corfiot delicatessens and of an era in which there were no refrigerators for the preservation of meat, even this rarity will not be missing on your journey to discover the food and wine of Corfu: it is the Numbulu, a characteristic sliced of the Oros region and that you can find only on the island, prepared with smoked pork sirloin, bagged and then left to mature. A unique flavor!


Much appreciated in Corfiot cuisine, bourdeto is a dish that perfectly describes the contamination between Venice and Greece that we talked about earlier. It consists of a kind of fish soup with reef fish such as redfish (but cod, cod or cuttlefish are also used), accompanied by a spicy sauce composed of red pepper, salt, olive oil and … onions, excellences typical of the Serenissima!


Greek pastries, rich in ancient and fragrant flavors, are the most characteristic of the Mediterranean culture, thanks to the presence of dried fruit, ricotta, spices and, above all, honey. Among the various sugary delicacies that you can taste during your Golf Experience in Corfu, the bougatsa certainly deserves: it consists of a sweet cake – but there is also a savory version – made with filo pastry, filled with custard and decorated with sugar and cinnamon icing . At one time, it was served mainly for breakfast, but now you can safely enjoy it at the end of a meal.


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