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When you think of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, sweet hills covered with vineyards come to mind, small towns surrounded by fields, medieval churches and castles, aromas of wine, truffles and chestnuts … In general, a feeling of tranquility mixed with beauty: because the territory between the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo is truly a microcosm of different environments where man and nature have gone hand in hand for centuries. Unesco world heritage has obtained a coveted recognition, because here man and nature collaborated in full harmony and created landscapes and environments that make this land unique in its kind. Set in this splendid area, pleasant Golf Courses.


Golf Club Cherasco

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Golf Feudo di Asti

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Golf Club Città di Asti

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Golf Club Villa Carolina

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Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.

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Langhe Roero Monferrato offers a wide choice of hotels. Of all categories, villas, apartments and more. Below you can find what you need as always with the utmost freedom to choose based on your needs.


Piedmont enjoys a well-deserved reputation among all its compatriots, even in the wonderful food and wine panorama of the peninsula.
The reason perhaps lies in a fortunate combination that makes this region an excellence in both the wine and culinary fields, maintaining a balance of tastes that is truly rare even in a country kissed by God like Italy.

In short, there are many places where you can drink well in the world, even more where you eat well, but very few are the same places where you drink and eat well! In Piedmont, moreover, foods best support large but difficult wines that are perfect for those foods. A meeting of loving senses in perfect dolce novo would be added.
In Piedmont, the Langhe represent a little the black pearl, the distant and longed for excellence by those who know that the restaurant under the house is yes excellent but there will always be a distant and remote tavern up there in the Langhe hills where it is still a whole other story …

Shakespeare’s verse “Over the hills and far away” alone contains all the evocative power, all the charm and magic that the Langhe exercise on gourmets all over the world.

First of all for the Truffle, the White d’Alba, the Tuber Magnatum Pico which is found throughout southern Piedmont but which has its cradle and palace in the capital of the Langhe.
Then, the dishes that honor the King Truffle: raw Piedmontese fassone meat rigorously beaten with a knife seasoned with oil, garlic and a lemon tear; the red tajarin of thirty yolks, very fine like angel hair, hand cut by magic hands; the Piedmontese fondue, that is when the fontina marries the egg and becomes cream, a whole other level from the excellent Swiss, Aosta Valley or Savoyard fondues. And of course the egg in palèt, that is, the humble fried egg, ennobled by the precious gray diamond but in turn the perfect base to enhance its unique and extraordinary aromas: that union between people and nobility that usually only happens in fairy tales.

Then there are mythical dishes such as the Finanziera, the mixed Gran Bollito di Bue Grasso, the ravioli del plin (i.e. pizzicato), the roasts and braised meats, the game (with a preference for wild boar and hare), a thousand hazelnut sweets and Bonèt (a chocolate, milk and amaretti pudding) but above all appetizers, an endless procession (which will put even the most robust stomachs to the test) in which every vegetable from the Langhe is enhanced, starting with the Russian Salad that a Savoy cook invented for the Tsar’s dignitaries to celebrate the Restoration.

Finally, the national dish of Piedmont: the Bagna Caöda, a sauce of garlic, oil and anchovies heated for hours until it becomes cream, in which to dip the kaleidoscopic assortment of seasonal vegetables: thistles, tapinanbour, peppers and cabbage in the first place. A convivial dish with which for centuries, exterminating the microbes of the nearby winter, the end of the agricultural year was celebrated. Today they would say social food, provided that they don’t leave home for three days.


In Piedmont, viticulture occupies a fundamental position in the agricultural sector of the region. In 2009 the production was over 2,858,000 hl of wine, with a clear prevalence of red wines, a tradition already appreciated in Roman times and with consolidated roots in the Langhe, in the Monferrato and in the Asti area.

In Piedmont the vineyards are almost all in the hills, a guarantee of quality and prestige; the climate, the land, the vines and the competent and passionate intervention of man, do the rest.
The most widespread vines are Barbera, which covers 1/3 of the cultivated area, diffused in different areas, in which it expresses its character in a different way. Always with excellent acidity, in the Alba area it gives more structured wines with a good tendency to refinement, in the Monferrato and in the Asti area, which are more fresh and fruity.

Other important vines are white moscato, dolcetto, defined as the wine of Piedmontese, the courtly, with structure and delicate aromas of fruit and white flowers, the freisa, with nuances of flowers and small red fruits, the bracchetto, fresh and aromatic, and grignolino, from which we obtain pleasant but not very structured wines.
The prince of Piedmontese vines, however, is Nebbiolo, with very dense and small berries, dark blue in color, very sensitive to the slightest differences in soil and climate, the father of the greatest Piedmontese reds. Barolo and Barbaresco stand out above all, but also Gattinara, Ghemme and Roero, as well as Boca, Fara, Lessona, Bramaterra and others, can express their excellent personality. Barolo, king of wines and wine of kings, linked to ancient traditions, today is at the center of a sort of philosophical dualism between those who continue to produce it in an absolutely traditional way, with aging in large barrels, and those that prefer a passage in smaller barrels, to more quickly soften the decisive and austere tannins.

Among the white grape vines, about half compared to the red ones, the white muscat excel, from which the Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti are obtained; of the first, in 2002 more than 80 million bottles were produced, one third of all the national sparkling wine production and about half of the region’s VQPRD, most of which sold on foreign markets where it is the highest estimator.
In the last few years, in the Langhe – for centuries the only undisputed realm of great reds – some international vines with white grapes, especially chardonnay, are cropping an important space with high quality products, such as with the Alta Langa DOC.
In addition to the production of sparkling wines of all types, obtained with the refermentation in bottles and autoclaves, dried and sweet, Piedmont is also noted for that of aromatized wines, such as Vermouth and Barolo Chinato.

Visit the well-stocked Piedmontese wine cellar with the best brands.


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