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The Ryder Cup is the most important and prestigious golf event in the world. You only play for glory, there is only the cup and the honor of victory up for grabs: no prize money. The event puts the United States and Europe in front and is the only sporting competition in which the Old Continent competes as a team. The race is scheduled in Rome and the official game venue will be the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. The event, the third most followed event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup, will certainly be a spot for Rome but can also turn into a deal between job opportunities, increased tourism and a contribution to the growth of the economy.

the 2022 Ryder Cup has become for Italy a fundamental event for the future not only of golf but of all sport. Few people know that this is the third most popular sports competition in the world, second only to the Olympic Games and the World Cup. The event attracts an average of 300 thousand fans from more than 60 nations and is broadcast live by over 50 broadcasters in 200 countries with 600 million viewers.

The 44th edition of the Ryder Cup, history, tradition and charm will be on stage in Rome, at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, from 30 September to 2 October 2022, three spectacular race days preceded by another three days of practice.

With the arrival of the Ryder Cup in Rome in 2022, Italy’s visibility to 80 million golf tourists from all over the world is growing every month. The watchword is: “customized tourist offers”, a concrete solution that will immediately bear fruit and that will last over the years, well beyond 2022, if well structured and organized starting today.

If you plan to organize your visit to Italy, more precisely in Rome for the 2022 Ryder Cup, you will find many useful tips below that will help you “build” your golf holiday. The forecast is a massive influx of fans from all over the world. We advise you to move in advance with regards to reserving hotels, villas, apartments, tours & activities, green fees.


In the Lazio Region you have many Golf Courses available with features that meet your every need. Below the reference link:



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When you think of Rome, historical monuments and buildings, shopping streets and artists’ shops immediately come to mind. But the capital also offers a respectable culinary culture, with traditional dishes that will make you lick your mustache!

Rigatoni con la pajata

Pajata is the small intestine of milk-fed veal, cooked stewed and with tomato for a rather long time. The digestion of such a first course requires several hours, so it is preferable to eat it for lunch, but the taste is true and characteristic.

Bucatini alla Gricia

The only ingredients for the dressing: cheek of Abruzzo origin and pecorino romano. When Amatrice decided to add tomato, the best known amatriciana pasta was born

Trippa alla romana

A dish that is not very easy to digest. Tripe is made up of different parts of bovine stomach and in the Roman recipe it is cooked with the sauce with the addition of a few mint leaves.

Spaghetti cacio e pepe

It might seem the easiest pasta in the world to prepare, but it is not like that: getting a good creaming using only pecorino and pepper is really an art.

Abbacchio scottadito

The lamb is the protagonist of every feast on the Roman table, regardless of the season in which it is celebrated. The scottadito recipe provides a quick grilling, which makes it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and etiquette wants it to be consumed strictly with your hands!

Carciofi alla giudia

To make this Jewish dish of the Roman tradition you can only use breast artichokes put in whole boiling oil and left to fry to have a crispy result on the outside and soft inside.


It is a typical Lazio pastry made in the oven, garnished with fresh whipped cream. Boyfriends used to give it to their promises during Lent.

Saltimbocca alla romana

Well-beaten veal slices, stuffed with cooked ham and sage and kept closed with a toothpick. To be fried strictly in butter!

Coda alla vaccinara

Veal tail cooked in the sauce slowly, so as to make it so soft that the meat must detach itself from the bone without having to use the knife. Definitely the least touristy and most authentic dish of Roman cuisine!


An excellent digestive and a fantastic refreshing in the sultry summer afternoons: the grattachecca is nothing more than a glass of crushed ice at the moment and flavored with fruit syrup. It will make you become children again in an instant.

Where to eat in Rome

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Starred Restaurants

  • 3 stars:

La Pergola (Hotel Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria – Roma)

  • 2 stars:

La Trota (Rivodutri)

Il Pagliaccio (Roma)

  • 1 star:

Colline Ciociare (Acuto, Frosinone)
Acqua Pazza (Ponza, Latina)
Pascucci al Porticciolo (Fiumicino, Roma)
Antonello Colonna Labico (Labico, Roma)
Il Tino (Fiumicino, Roma)
Idylio by Apreda (Roma)
Aminta Resort (Genazzano, Roma)
Acquolina Hostaria in Roma (Roma)
All’Oro (Roma)
Aroma (Roma)
Assaje (Roma)
Bistrot 64 (Roma)
Il Convivio-Troiani (Roma)
The Corner (Roma)
Enoteca la Torre (Roma)
Glass Hostaria (Roma)
Imagò (Roma)
La Terrazza dell’Eden (Roma)
Metamorfosi (Roma)
Moma (Roma)
Per Me (Roma)
Pipero (Roma)
Enoteca al Parlamento Achilli (Roma)
Tordomatto (Roma)
La Parolina (Acquapendente, Viterbo)
Danilo Ciavattini (Viterbo)
Casa Iozzìa (Vitorchiano, Viterbo).

Slow Food Restaurants & Taverns

Nu’ Trattoria Italiana Dal 1960 Acuto (Fr)
Lo Stuzzichino Campodimele (Lt)
Trattoria Del Cimino Caprarola (Vt)
Osteria Del Tempo Perso Casalvieri (Fr)
L’oste Della Bon’ora Grottaferrata (Rm)
Taverna Mari Grottaferrata (Rm)
A Casa Di AssuntaIsola Di Ponza (Lt)
Sora Maria E Arcangelo Olevano Romano (Rm)
La Polledrara Paliano (Fr)
Osteria Del Vicolo FatatoPiglio (Fr)
Da ArmandoAl Pantheon Roma
Da CesareRoma
Grappolo D’oroRoma
Pro Loco D.O.L.Roma
Il Casaletto Viterbo

Roman wines

News & Info on the best wines you can find in Lazio region


Tours & Activities

Some examples of the over 6000 Tours & Activities and top Food, Wine & Nightlife that you can practice in Rome. TOURS & ACTIVITIES WILL ALWAYS BE UPDATED ALL THE TIME UNTIL 2022

Top Rome Food, Wine & Nightlife

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