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The beauty of the southern part of Portugal? The 150 kilometers of coastline and long beaches washed by ocean waves. The excellent cuisine at affordable prices and the many possibilities to play sports. Mild climate all year round, endless beaches for all tastes, genuine food, affordable prices. In summary: the Algarve region in southern Portugal, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A safe and ideal destination for families and golfers, but also for those seeking tranquility and wild nature. Even if, for twenty years now, the fishing villages have turned into cities, in the Algarve it is still possible to find unspoiled corners and above all authentic people.


Onyria Palmares Golf & Beach Resort

Boavista Golf & Spa Resort

Espiche Golf Club

Golfe Santo António

Some tips on golf courses:

To book the Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.

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LAGOS offers a wide choice of hotels. Of all categories, villas, apartments and more. Below you can find what you need as always with the utmost freedom to choose based on your needs.


Lagos fish cuisine

Mussels, clams, whelks, cod: fish in general and in all its forms is the master on Portuguese tables and especially on those of the Algarve. You can enjoy excellent fish dishes: be they first courses, second courses, soups or stews. The seafood soup (called Sopa de mariscos) is a velvety seafood dish and is widespread: in every restaurant in the city you can find it as an appetizer. Following you can decide between a wide choice of fish and shellfish, but at least once you have to taste the cod, a real gem of the local cuisine. The most famous recipe is that of Pastelinhos de bacalhau, or batters or croquettes stuffed with cod: they are served in every restaurant and are also ready-made in almost all supermarkets in the city. Equally good and typical are the grilled sardines (Sardine asade), the Caldeirada a pescador based on fish, tomatoes and potatoes and the clams with cataplana, or steamed in the typical copper containers.

But if you are not a lover of fish cuisine, do not despair: in Lagos, as in the rest of Portugal, meat cuisine is equally widespread. Porco à Alentejana combines the flavor of clams with that of pork and peppers cooked in cataplana. Meat purists, on the other hand, will be able to choose between pork (for example ordering the Sarrabulho dish, made from pork meat and liver or game marinated in red wine, stewed with vegetables and chilli in pork blood) or rabbit . Among the soups you can choose between the Canja, made with chicken, rice, lemon and mint or the Caldo verde made potatoes and Portuguese cabbage.

Do not forget, then, the desserts: the most famous are the spiced Dom Rodrigos with cinnamon or the Morgados that combine figs, almonds and honey. And again, the Tocinho de cue, made with egg cream.

All to be enjoyed strictly with a Moscatel, a Portuguese sweet wine that goes perfectly with desserts. Throughout Portugal you can enjoy excellent wines, such as Mateus, Borba and Mouro or all wines from the Porto area (Graham’s, Sandeman, Ferreira, Warre’s just to name a few).


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  • The MICHELIN Plate

VivendoRUA RUI BELO, 8600-904 LAGOS


Don SebastiãoRUA 25 DE ABRIL 20, 8600-763 LAGOS

Dos ArtistasRUA CÂNDIDO DOS REIS 68, 8600-681 LAGOS


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