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Overlooking the English Channel, Normandy is one of the most fascinating regions in France. Rich in history, cities and villages suspended in time and postcard views, it is one of the once in a lifetime destinations. The beauty of the coastal landscape, the rural hinterland, the atmospheres sui generis of Caen, Rouen and Le Havre, without forgetting abbeys, monasteries and the countless gastronomic specialties make this region of northern France an ideal destination for very different golfers. Visiting Normandy means immersing yourself in fairytale landscapes that inspired Monet, Boudin and Seurat, admiring the rural soul of the small villages in the hinterland and visiting abbeys and monasteries that will leave you breathless.


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Normandy’s gastronomic offer is characterized by the abundance of meats and milk and apple derivatives. The Norman countryside is dotted with farms, farms, distilleries and dairies, many of which also offer direct sales.

As for meats, a specialty definitely worth trying is salted lamb (Agneau Pré-salé), which has a very tender meat and a very particular flavor due to the fact that these animals mainly graze in the salty meadows around Mont Saint Michel.
Another typical dish of the area is the tasty “Caen tripe”, prepared with bovine entrails, ox feet and dry cider, which requires a long cooking (ranging from twelve to fifteen hours) in the traditional terracotta container.

One cannot fail to mention the exquisite crustaceans, in particular oysters and scallops, but also lobsters, scampi and shrimps, which are found in abundance in the markets of Honfleur and Trouville.
Among the best known regional recipes based on fish we find the “matelote”, a very fragrant soup with white wine and cream, and the delicious “Norman sole”.

From the excellent and abundant milk produced in the area many types of cheese are made, among these the four that have obtained the DOC recognition deserve a mention: the famous Camembert, traditionally produced in the homonymous village, the Neufchatel, heart-shaped, the Livarot, with a pungent smell of hay, and Pont l’Eveque, particularly tasty.

As for Normandy’s oenological excellence, the production of the region’s over ten million apple trees is used to make three excellent DOC liqueurs: cider, fresh and fruity, Pommeau de Normandie, sweet and light, and Calvados, a robust brandy. There is even a path called “The cider road” that will take you to discover the places of production of Cider and Calvados through cellars and oil mills.


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