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Vienna, the capital of Austria and the heart of Central Europe, is a romantic, elegant and lively city from a cultural and artistic point of view. The “City of Dreams” – as Vienna is nicknamed – is divided into 23 districts, and its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A carriage ride, a visit to the museums to appreciate the works of Schiele and Klimt, and a tasty stop at the Hotel Sacher, to taste a slice of the legendary cake of the same name, will make you fall in love with Vienna. In summer the colors come to life and the Prater (the city park) becomes an unmissable attraction!


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Vienna’s charm is majestic. Among imposing buildings, international museums and works of art, the Austrian capital offers an incredible glance. Not to be missed is the Museum of Art History, as well as Schonbrunn Castle and the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, where the famous Kiss by Gustav Klimt is located. But the old Habsburg residences, galleries and other places used for art are not the only reason to visit this imperial city. Even the kitchen, in fact, offers satisfactions, with a tradition rich in both European and oriental influences, and excellent desserts to be enjoyed in one of the many suggestive cafes.

The Austrian culinary tradition has undergone multiple influences from the peoples who were part of the Habsburg Empire. Among the typical dishes we can thus find goulash, perhaps the best known preparation of Hungarian cuisine, based on veal, onion, tomato and paprika; meat and potato recipes, or game, as well as soups (such as onion-based zwiebelsuppe), soups and pates. Sauerkraut is present in many preparations, and the use of spices, a clear reference to the Middle East, is common. In particular, the Turkish community is very present with its cuisine, which you can taste in places like the Naschmarkt: falafel, hummus, kebabs and many other dishes, to be eaten there or taken away.


The Viennese and Austrian tradition is rich in soups and soups. Starting from the Frittatensuppe, the “omelette soup”, or noodles of omelette in beef broth, passing through the rindsuppe (which means “beef soup”), where we find carrots, onions, parsley and celery. The Eachtlingsuppe with potatoes, milk and eggs is also typical, and the Topfen soup, made with ricotta, cream and aromatic herbs, served with black bread and tufts of chives.


The stuffed dumplings look a bit like dumplings: inside there can be meat, fish or vegetables, and there are several variations that differ in the main ingredients. The Semmelknödel, for example, are based on bread, as well as the Serviettenknödel, a large dumpling of stale bread, cooked in a bain-marie, which is then served in slices.

Wiener Schnitzel

Viennese or Milanese? We are talking about the cutlet, of course, which in fact has a long tradition in the Austrian capital. The classic side dish of this breaded veal slice is the French fries, which make this already greedy dish even more inviting.


Vienna is home to one of the most famous desserts in the world, the Sachertorte (recommended, among others, those of Cafe Sacher Wien, in Philharmonikerstrasse 4 and Cafe Mozart, in Albertinaplatz), but the desserts of the Austrian tradition are not limited to this masterpiece of chocolate and apricot jam. Apple strudel is also typical, as are the “Mozart balls”, Mozartflugeln, pralines covered in gianduia and dark chocolate, with a marzipan filling. If you are in town, take the opportunity to taste the crêpes garnished with apple or plum juice and icing sugar, known as Kaiserschmarrn. Finally, don’t forget that there is also the sweet version of potato gnocchi: Marillenknödel, stuffed with apricots and jam, served with melted butter and cinnamon.


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