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Known as Eastern Paris, Budapest is a city full of things to see and new experiences to live. The banks of the Danube, the shop windows, the outdoor cafes and the lively life are reminiscent of the French capital. But its majestic monuments and beautiful spas distinguish it from any other in the city. With the arrival of spring, the Hungarian city becomes a perfect destination to organize your next golf holiday. Budapest is a much loved destination both for its rich history and for those who want to relax, in fact the city is renowned for its spas.


Consult the General Map to plan the organization of your Golf experience in Budapest. Inside you will find the Golf Courses and the airports so as to have a general glance that allows you a first planning. Integrate with the Booking Hotel map as regards the choice of your best hotel / villa / apartment.


St. Lőrinc Golf Club

Highland Golf Club

Pannónia Golf & Country-Club

Forest Hills Golf & Country Club

Balaton Golf Club

Golfclub Imperial Balaton

Zala Springs Golf Resort

To book Tee Time, it is best to send an email to the secretary of the Golf Club you have chosen, asking for availability, obviously indicating the day and an indicative time. You can find the e-mail address by opening the Golf Club website from “Open website” and then searching for “contacts” or some Golf Clubs have the form to fill out to get the Tee Time. I think it’s better to send an email to the Secretariat. Opens Google Map at the point of the Golf Club. You can have the necessary information to reach the playing field or to know the distances for example from the Hotel you have chosen for the stay.

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Budapest. An elegant city with imperial splendor, the capital of Hungary offers a very rich artistic heritage, but the gastronomy is no different. If you get hungry while admiring the monuments of ancient Buda or shopping in modern Pest, do not be uncertain: whether you are on either side of the river, this list will be useful.


What could be better than fresh fruit to hydrate yourself on these hot summer days? A nice meggyleves is just what it takes. This cold black cherry soup, prepared with sour cream, spices, sugar, lemon and flour, as instagrammable as the monuments of the center of Budapest: of an intense pink color, it is often served with whole cherries that decorate the dish.

What a nice dessert, you will say: no, we are talking about a hors d’oeuvre. This small pop painting to be spooned is in fact part of the repertoire of typical Hungarian soups that never fails at the beginning of any meal. So enjoy it as a forerunner of your next lunch in Budapest.

Gulasch (Gulyás)

Did you recognize it? It is the goulash, German readjustment of the best known dish of Hungarian cuisine. The herdsman soup comes directly from the vast prairies of central Europe, a unique and substantial dish of the shepherds who practiced the transhumance of cattle. He arrives on bourgeois tables in the eighteenth century and reaches us, transformed into winter comfort food from a skiing holiday.

The ingredients and preparations of this soup are constantly changing: generally based on beef, potatoes and peppers, sometimes it is brothier, others more reduced and definitely reminds you of a stew. The only constant seems to be paprika, a sweet or spicy spice obtained from dried peppers, which over the centuries has become an indigenous product and which gives the characteristic red color. A dish to taste absolutely during your stay in Budapest, defying the heat and the rules of internal thermoregulation.


For friends who don’t like meat, rest assured, there is an option for you too. We close the chapter on soups with halászlé, the goulash variant based on freshwater fish (carp, catfish, catfish, pike, perch), tomato, peppers and, inevitably, paprika.

Literally “fisherman’s broth”, this dish is prepared in particular during the religious holidays of Christmas and Easter. This does not mean that you can enjoy it at any time in front of the scenic panorama of the beautiful blue Danube.


Unfortunately, no other terms come to mind to describe it: we apologize in advance to our Neapolitan friends if we have to use fried pizza to define, in essence, the most popular street food in the city.

The lángos consists of a dough based on flour, water and yeast to which yoghurt and potatoes are often incorporated and which was originally cooked on the grill (it derives from láng which in Hungarian means fire). Today it is mercilessly fried in hot oil and seasoned with sour cream and cheese. You can find it in this and in many other variations, including sweet ones, at the Central Market in Budapest. Eat responsibly and woe to you if you dare call it pizza!


Families with children in tow, open your ears well: the csirkepaprikás, we are sure, will agree, even the diehards who prefer to take refuge in fast food on vacation rather than venture into the dark maze of local kitchens.

This dish with an unpronounceable name is none other than paprika chicken, a succulent single dish accompanied by galuska, small dumplings to dip in the thick tomato sauce and sour cream. The ingredients are all there: chicken, tomato, pasta, evergreen triptych of the baby menus that never cease to please.


One would think that a harmless vegetable stew is the vegetarian alternative you were looking for in this sea of meat that is Hungarian cuisine. We advise you to be careful and always make sure of its composition: the original lecsó recipe in fact includes peppers, tomatoes and onions braised with lard and bacon. In short, you thought of eating a pepper and instead you find the pig on the plate. We are sure that around the city there are lighter and meat-free versions, but asking does not cost anything.


If you happen to take a tour of the district of Erzsébetváros, the Jewish quarter, you cannot fail to taste the sólet. Hungarian variant of cholent, traditionally prepared for the Shabbat festival, is a stew of beans, potatoes, onion and barley and meat (mainly beef or chicken). Single dish that we could very well define as “heavy” but at the same time “balanced”.

Kaksasült and Libasült

In Budapest the feathered, chicken in the first place, are going strong. If you want to try more decisive flavors, we strongly recommend ordering kaksasült and libasült, duck and roast goose respectively. Protagonists of family lunches, especially Christmas, our bird friends have fat and tasty meats with a very tender consistency, and are generally served with roasted potatoes, red wine sauerkraut and cooked fruit. One bite is enough to chase the summer away: winter is coming.


We open the dessert review with these “sweet walking fireplaces”. The kürtoskálacs are the typical festival sweets: based on leavened dough, they are rolled on wooden cylinders and cooked on the grill or fried. The shape, much more elongated, is very reminiscent of that of our cannoncini, however here the filling is missing (and we are a bit sorry, we admit it): rather the kürtoskálacs are covered on the outside with sugar, chocolate or grains. The best is to squeeze them freshly made and still steaming.

Mákos guba

A very simple soft sandwich with milk and sugar, covered with poppy seeds and baked in the oven. The inhabitants of Budapest are crazy about it and are used to accompany it with acacia honey or vanilla sauce. In our opinion, the ideal breakfast for mandatory soaking.

Zserbó szelet

From the inventiveness of the French chef Émil Gerbeaud, the layered cake that your body does not want. But your brain does, so you have to taste it. The zserbó szelet is a high buttery slice made up of shortcrust pastry alternating with walnuts, chocolate and apricot jam. Everything is covered with a very fine chocolate glaze. To feel less guilty, try it at Café Gerbeaud, the elegant rococo-style pastry shop founded in 1858. We trust that mirrors, marbles and crystals are more than enough reason to distract you from the impending glycemic peak.


Let’s go back to the Jewish influences in the kitchen with this head-turning dessert. The flódni is a sweet tile made up of five layers of pasta interspersed with four fillings: apple, walnuts, poppy seeds and plum jam. Preparing it is a challenge, but digesting it is not a walk.


A nice bunch is never said no. Especially after this Central European binge, you may need a digestive. The pálinka is the local brandy made from fruit, usually plums, ideal for ending demanding Budapest lunches and dinners. Unlike our grappa, it is less soft and decidedly more sour: depending on your taste, you can choose between variants obtained from different fruits and with more or less long seasonings. To be thrown down with a sonorous kedves egeszségedre, the elaborate Hungarian version of our “cin cin!”.


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