In the heart of Umbria. This reason alone would be enough to arouse your curiosity to discover Antognolla. Between history, nature and sport, this corner of Italy is perfect if you are looking for a moment of peace and an excellent golf course to play on!

A little treasure in green Umbria. This is how we can define Antognolla, a village in the province of Perugia, located between Tuscany, Marche and Lazio. A perfect place for those who love nature and relaxation, a paradise for golfers.

Discovering Antognolla means entering a corner of the world where ancient and modern coexist in perfect harmony without one prevailing over the other.

Here are three reasons why it is worth getting to know this little piece of Italy.

Discover Antognolla. The castle

Impossible to overlook it. The castle of Antognolla on the northern slopes of Monte Tezio catches the traveller’s eye. A fairytale building dating back to the 12th century, it owes its name to one of Perugia’s oldest families, the Antognolla or Antognolli. 

There is no precise date on the construction of the castle, but we can rely on the first news about this Umbrian locality, documented in 1174. In that year, the presence of a Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Peter is certain, of which only the crypt dedicated to St. Agatha remains today. Other historical evidence is the Papal bull issued by Pope Bonifacio IX in 1399. It documents the elevation of the county of Antognolla to a fiefdom and the concession of this to Ruggero di Antognolla and his heirs in exchange for services rendered to the Holy See.

Between the 15th and 16th centuries, the castle was the scene of battles, sieges, plots and struggles for supremacy by noble families from Perugia. 

In 1480 the castle was taken by the Baglioni family, but then returned to the Antognolla family, who remained masters of the castle until 1605. 

A few years later, in 1628, the castle was bought by the nobleman Cornelio Oddi who, together with the building, also took possession of the whole county of Antognolla and made it his place of rest and holiday.

After about 200 years, in 1836, the castle was bought by marquis Giovanni Battista Guglielmi, who worked on some restorations and modifications so that the property would become a farm, while still remaining a holiday resort.

The marquis was not the last to inhabit and dispose of the Antognolla estate. Today the castle is being restored and will soon be open to the public as a luxury hotel with adjacent golf courses.

Discover Antognolla. Nature

Umbria is defined as the green heart of Italy. Discovering Antognolla therefore also means having the chance to get to know this little natural paradise, a perfect habitat for birds and deer, where you can immerse yourself in the green of the woods and breathe in the scents of the wild flowers growing on the meadows.

Antognolla stands on the northern slopes of Monte Tezio, 961 metres high and located between Perugia, Corciano and Umbertide.

Those who love nature and walking can organise a hike along one of the five proposed paths: Those who love nature and walking can organise a hike along one of the five proposed paths: 

  • Trail 1. Top of Monte Tezio (2,60 km). If you choose this route, you will be able to admire the highest point of Monte Tezio and in particular you will be able to see the shape of the land around the summit, which has the appearance of a moat that demonstrates, according to archaeological studies, the existence of a fortification used in protohistoric times to control the surrounding valleys.
  • Trail 2. MiralagoCroce della Pieve (3,86 km). Arriving at the cross, along the path through woods and flat meadows it is also possible to see a suggestive place such as the “Parete Bellucci”, used for the practice of mountaineering school.
  • Trail 3. The “neviere” (3,42 km). Following this path will allow you, at the end of the stretch of woodland, to admire the beautiful panorama where it is possible to see Lake Trasimeno, Mounts Amiata and Cetona. 
  • Trail 4. Belvedere, Romitorio (3,45 km). For animal lovers, this route is perfect because it is possible to pass in front of the enclosure in which, for 15 years, there has been a female Apennine wolf.
  • Trail 5. Memory Trail (3.5 km) A path to retrace or learn about moments of local history through the tombstones that recount episodes of war, but also of important people for hiking in Perugia.

Discover Antognolla. Golfing

Discovering Antognolla also means relaxing. Why not playing golf?

The Antognolla Golf is in fact the ideal place to breathe in the atmosphere of this small corner of Umbria. An estate covering over 500 hectares with breathtaking views, hills, wild woods and well-kept lawns. 

For golf lovers, this is a real paradise: the 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and is recognised as one of the best in Italy.

In Antognolla, however, there is not only golf, as this place offers alternatives such as tennis courts, cycle paths and walking routes. 

At the Antognolla Golf you will be welcomed with a smile and great professionalism to spend a day in perfect harmony between nature, history and sport. But that’s not all. Here you will also be able to satisfy your palate by tasting the delicacies of the “La Boiola” Restaurant.

In short, there is no reason to postpone discovering Antognolla, it will truly be an unforgettable experience that once you have had it you will certainly want to repeat as soon as possible.

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