Spring offers the opportunity in many places in Italy to admire the wonders of nature’s reawakening

There are places where the blossoming is very beautiful, if not spectacular, and attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Among the most beautiful places to visit, particularly in the spring season, but also at any time of the year, are Sigurtà Garden Park and the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda.

The most beautiful blooms in Italy. When and where

Perhaps the most famous of Italy’s beautiful blooms is that of the lentils in Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria. Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the whole plain is coloured like a painting, with the blue of the lentil flowers mixing with the red of the poppies and the colours of other wild flowers such as violets and daffodils, providing a vision of breathtaking beauty.

Less well known, but really quite fascinating, is the crocus flowering at Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo, between the end of March and the end of April. This is a rather long period of time because it depends a lot on how much snow has fallen and the temperatures of the season.

A wild flower that emerges as soon as the snow melts, the crocus grows wild on many mountain slopes both in the Alps and the Apennines, but it is in the Gran Sasso Park that it seems to have found the right place to show itself in all its simple beauty.

The crocuses, relatives of saffron, with their soft purple colour give a lively note to the meadows that are revealing themselves from the white winter mantle to find sunlight again.

In Tuscany, at Villa della Pergola in Alassio and at Villa Bardini in Florence, you can admire the wisteria blooming between April and May.  

An explosion of soft lilac clusters attracts many visitors to these two places.

Villa della Pergola in Alassio has a park of 22,000 square metres with 32 different varieties of wisteria in different colours, from white to purple, which colour the garden of the villa, which also offers a splendid view of the sea.In Florence, Villa Bardini, which dominates the hillside around the Tuscan capital, has a 4-hectare wood and an enchanting view of the city’s historic centre. Beautiful to visit at any time of the year, but it is during the flowering of the wisteria that it offers visitors the chance to be enveloped by the colours and scents of its magnificent pergola.

Flower blooms in Italy: Sigurtà Garden Park in Valeggio sul Mincio

You don’t have to go to Holland to see a spectacular tulip bloom.

There is an enchanting place to see one of the most beautiful flower blooms in italy: Sigurtà Garden Park in Valeggio sul Mincio, near Lake Garda, where a small miracle of nature takes place every year. The best time to visit this beautiful garden is in April when nature explodes in all its most beautiful colours.

Winner in 2013 as the most beautiful park in Italy, in 2015 it was also awarded second place as the most beautiful in Europe.

It owes its name to Carlo Sigurtà, a pharmaceutical industrialist, who bought the property in 1941. Thanks to him, the garden was restored to its former glory, green and lush. In 1978 the park, which is still owned by Sigurtà’s heirs, was opened to the public. Initially it could only be visited by car, but since the beginning of the new millennium it has only been possible to cross the entire area on foot (or with specific vehicles available).

However, the history of Parco Sigurtà began a few centuries earlier. It was in fact 14 May 1407 when Gerolamo Nicolò Contarini bought the property, which at the time of Venetian domination had a purely agricultural function, with a farm and land cultivated with fodder. However, there was already a small garden at that time, adjacent to the main house and dedicated to the leisure of the nobles. 

In the following centuries the park saw illustrious guests, such as the poet Ippolito Pindemonte, who composed an epigram inspired by this evocative place during one of his stays in 1792.

Other outstanding visitors were Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and Napoleon III of France.

The most beautiful blooms at the Sigurtà Park are undoubtedly those of the tulips, but there are also irises, dahlias, water lilies, narcissus, marigolds and many others.

The avenue of the roses, which welcomes 30,000 re-flowering roses from May to September, is certainly very beautiful.

But it is not only the flowers that attract visitors because this huge area, full of green lawns, also houses a labyrinth and eighteen ponds that allow aquatic plants to bloom in summer.

It is impossible not to admire the little castle, commissioned by Marquis Antonio Maffei. In the past it served as a weapons room, but today it houses the historical, literary and scientific memories of the Sigurtà family.

As you walk through the park you can also discover other beauties such as the Eremo (a small temple in neo-Gothic style), the horizontal Meridiana (on the belvedere of Romeo and Juliet), the statue dedicated to Carlo Sigurtà, the Pietra della Giovinezza (Stone of Youth) and the oldest tree in the park, a large oak four centuries old. 

Not only Flower Blooms. A tour of the Sirmione Peninsula

Being on the shores of Lake Garda offers many experiences and among them a tour of the Sirmione Peninsula is certainly a great way to get to know the wonderful shores of the famous lake better.

Sirmione is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, just across the border between Veneto and Lombardy.

Famous for the curative powers of its thermal baths, it is spread over a 4 km long peninsula. 

The experience we suggest includes a tourist cruise that is a real tour that allows you to discover the wonders of this strip of land at the southern end of Lake Garda.

A journey around the Sirmione peninsula, in about 25 minutes, where you can admire places of interest such as the villa where Maria Callas lived between 1950 and 1959 and the Scaliger Castle.

A tour that allows you to explore not only the historical and architectural beauties of Sirmione, but also the natural ones such as the Grotte di Catullo.

A relaxing experience that is ideal, for example, after half a day on the golf course.

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