You can’t say you’ve seen Trieste if you haven’t also seen the Miramare Castle. A fascinating place, located just outside the city, capable of winning you over with its architectural beauty and elegant interiors, as well as its splendid view of the sea. Find out why it is really worth taking the time to visit it.

Miramare Castle in Trieste owes its name to the building’s enchanting view of the sea. 

Built at the behest of Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg and the site of Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria’s stays in Trieste, this noble and elegant white marble residence is situated on the Grignano promontory overlooking the sea

This is a place of particular charm, being a spur of karst rock overlooking the sea, practically devoid of vegetation. Miramare is not only a castle, however, but also a large garden that embellishes it, a building dedicated to the stables and a small castle that recalls the main residence.  

Let us therefore discover Miramare in all its beauty.

History of Miramare Castle in Trieste

To tell the story of Miramare Castle in Trieste we have to go back in time.

It was 1855 when Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg decided to have a residence built on the promontory of Grignano. The foundation stone was laid the following year and in 1860 the archduke and his wife Charlotte of Belgium could finally reside in the castle, although only on the ground floor, as the first floor had not yet been completed.

The design of Miramare Castle was entrusted to Austrian engineer Carl Junker, who developed an eclectic style for the palace, combining different models from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Gothic period.

In Miramare Castle, art and nature come together, blending austere Middle-European forms with the colours and scents of the Mediterranean.

The interior of the palace with over twenty rooms is very interesting. The tour allows you to admire the rooms in which the original furnishings of the period have been preserved, such as furniture, precious objects and paintings that embellish the boardrooms and private flats.

The ground floor of the castle, with its intimate and familiar appearance, was used as Maximilian and Charlotte’s private flat. Characterised by the blue tapestries that recall the colour of the sea, which the residence overlooks, it has a number of well-appointed rooms, including the archduke’s bedroom, furnished like a ship’s cabin.

The Park of Miramare Castle

Maximilian of Habsburg’s project included not only the castle, but also a huge garden.

The design of the park was entrusted to Junker, while the botanical work was carried out by other professionals.

The Miramare Castle Park covers an area of 22 hectares and thanks to nurserymen from Lombardy-Veneto it was decorated with a rich variety of plants, many of which are of non-European origin.

Maximilian started work on the park in the spring of 1856 and followed it constantly. He cared about his garden and continued to take an interest in it even when he moved to Mexico, where he also brought some of the plants from.

It is interesting to note that large amounts of land were brought in from Styria and Carinthia to create the park.

Inside the garden you can see:

  • The chapel of San Canciano with a crucifix carved from the wood of the frigate “Novara”, dedicated in 1900 to Maximilian by his brother Ludwig Victor of Habsburg-Lorraine.
  • The greenhouses, with glass windows opening into the original iron structure.
  • The “little Swiss house” on the edge of the “Swan Lake”
  • The small square with the cannons donated by Leopold I, King of the Belgians

The stables and the small castle

The stables and the small castle were also built between 1856 and 1860.

The stables were built far from the residence, on the access road to the Castle, coming from Trieste.

Intended for horses and carriages, the building consists of a central body and two symmetrical wings, but during the two World Wars at the behest of its inhabitants, the Dukes of Savoy-Aosta, the stables changed their appearance.

Today the rooms are used for temporary exhibitions and since 2018 one wing of the building houses the Immersive Museum of the Marine Protected Area of Miramare

The small castle (“Gartenhaus“), on the other hand, echoes the architecture of the main residence. It stands in an enviable panoramic position, overlooking the small port of Grignano and is preceded by a parterre area, embellished with trees and a fountain in the open space in front of the greenhouses.

It was only occasionally inhabited by Maximilian and Charlotte, and many of the furnishings came from Villa Lazarovich, a residence on the hill of San Vito which the Archduke had previously rented and lived in.

Panoramic tour of Trieste and Miramare Castle

If you want to get to know Trieste and its natural and artistic beauties, but don’t have much time to organise a visit, we have thought of presenting you with an unmissable opportunity.  A panoramic tour of Trieste and Miramare Castle. A way to see the city and admire the beauty of the famous Habsburg residence and its large well-kept park, all in an incredible and unique natural setting.

If you love spectacular sights and historic architecture, this experience is for you.

You will have the comfort of a vehicle that will pick you up in front of your hotel and take you to all the most interesting sites. You will be able to admire not only the beauties of Trieste and the surrounding nature, but also to visit the enchanting Miramare Castle with the advantage of not having to wait in long lines since the ticket is already included in the cost of the tour.

A guide will describe every single place you visit and all you need to do is let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking views and architectural beauty of Trieste.

What do you need to do? Simple, just book this experience and get ready to see many fascinating places.

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