With an area of 128 km², Lake Trasimeno is the largest lake in central Italy. A place rich in natural and cultural beauty, it was the scene of a famous battle in ancient times. 

We suggest 5 things to do when you’re on Lake Trasimeno. And one more.

Lake Trasimeno, in beautiful Umbria, is the largest lake in central Italy. 

In history books it is remembered for the battle of the same name fought in 217 BC between the Roman army and Hannibal’s Carthaginian army.

Today it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, thanks to its natural and cultural beauty.

Discover Lake Trasimeno, we suggest you 5 things to do, plus one. And it is a special tip.

 1. Lake Trasimeno Regional Park

The first of the 5 things to do at Lake Trasimeno is to discover the Regional Park and take advantage of the opportunity for birdwatchers to observe the spectacle of free birds in the nature of the La Valle Oasis. The area in fact sees the passage of many species of birds and is ideal for nesting.

There is not only the opportunity to practice this pastime in the beautiful nature of the Park, but it is also possible to have a chance to learn more thanks to the permanent exhibition at the Visitor Centre.

However, the lake also allows visitors to explore and learn about the complex ecosystem and the animal species that live there, such as amphibians, fish and reptiles.

It also has a beautiful setting, nestled in the Umbrian hills on the border with Tuscany. Lake Trasimeno is tectonic in origin, with shallow waters, clean and rich in nutrients and reeds. For this reason, it has always been an ideal place for wintering and stopping for birdlife. 

2.  Visit Castiglione del Lago

Among the things to do when you are on Lake Trasimeno is a visit to Castiglione del Lago, one of the most characteristic villages on the western shores of this great body of water.

Castiglione del Lago is a characteristic place also because of its location, in fact it stands on a promontory covered with olive trees and surrounded by hills and boasts a prestigious past between the 16th and 17th centuries. 

There are three gates to access it. A must-see is the Rocca del Leone, a very impressive fortress that dominates the lake and the centre of Castiglione from above. It incorporates a stretch of wall that dates back to the Etruscan period and is characterised by four towers that fortify the crenellated walls, plus a 40-metre triangular tower.

The entrance to the Rocca is very characteristic and owes its name to its shape, an irregular pentagon, inspired by the constellation of the Lion.

In fact, you can only enter it from the escape route from Palazzo della Corgna, which is a covered walkway, overlooking the lake, connecting the two structures.

3. Cycling around Lake Trasimeno

One way to experience and admire Lake Trasimeno is to cycle around its perimeter.

On this means of transport you can admire the beautiful landscapes offered by the area, cross the Regional Park as well as see some of the most beautiful villages overlooking the lake such as Passignano with its medieval fortress. Here, in summer, the Palio delle Barche and the burning of the castle take place, a firework display in which the fire that burns the building is recreated in an illusory way.

Whether on dirt tracks or normal roads, there are plenty of possibilities for cycling enthusiasts. You can ride around and be enchanted by the beauty of the place or choose one of the itineraries specially designed for admiring the area from two wheels.

4. Trekking on Lake Trasimeno

Not only cycling, but also hiking on Lake Trasimeno.

Even those who love walking are sure to find a great number of possibilities.There are many more or less complex routes that allow you to remain in the midst of nature, crossing the woods, as well as admiring the historic villages. Sometimes you don’t need to walk for hours to see some of the area’s beauties. For example, just half an hour’s walk from the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Mongiovinotothe Castle of Mongiovino with a visit to both places is enough to make for a very interesting day out.

5. Fishing Museum and relaxation in San Feliciano

For a day of relaxation San Feliciano could be the right destination.

A pretty fishing village that will surely enchant you, especially if you love fishing. You can not only admire with your own eyes the characteristic nets hung out to dry, but also learn more about it by visiting the Fishing Museum. Here the history and life of Lake Trasimeno are described both from a geological and environmental point of view, including the techniques but also the tools used by the inhabitants to fish, such as nets, boats and catching instruments.

The name of the rooms is interesting, reflecting the scanning of the fisherman’s day: dawn, midday, afternoon and evening.

For total relaxation in San Feliciano you will find Zocco Beach, a beach with a wonderful view of the lake.

In addition to the five things to do on Lake Trasimeno, here is the special tip promised at the beginning.

Take a day to relax on the Antognolla Golf courses, near Perugia, and enjoy the wonders of a place rich in nature and history.

The castle that dominates with its magnificence, the woods and meadows that surround it will allow you to spend a day in the open air where you can delight your palate and taste the flavours of Umbria at  “La Boiola” Restaurant.

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