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The Ryder Cup is the most important and prestigious golf event in the world. You only play for glory, there is only the cup and the honor of victory up for grabs: no prize money. The event puts the United States and Europe in front and is the only sporting competition in which the Old Continent competes as a team. The race is scheduled in Rome and the official game venue will be the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. The event, the third most followed event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup, will certainly be a spot for Rome but can also turn into a deal between job opportunities, increased tourism and a contribution to the growth of the economy.

GOLF IN ITALY – Liguria region

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I am writing below some situations that make you understand why you have to organize your next Golf Experience in Liguria:

  • The walk through the paths under the olive trees between the Cinque Terre is the best way to discover, enjoy and understand the beauty of these five villages. The panorama suspended between sky and sea will offer magnificent views.
  • The boat ride along the Cinque Terre coasts gives us the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the Cinque Terre from a completely different perspective.
  • The excursions through which you will enjoy an incomparable view of the Golfo Paradiso and Tigullio
  • The walk on the Via dell’Amore, the most famous route of the Cinque Terre that connects Manarola to Riomaggiore and overlooks the sea.
  • Sestri Levante promontory from which you can admire the Baia del Silenzio.
  • The focaccia: A must for every person who decides to visit Liguria and Genoa is to taste the crispy golden focaccia
  • Genoese pesto: There is a saying that “whoever eats pesto never leaves Genoa”. Hence, it is a must for anyone visiting Liguria and Genoa. The small and fragrant basil leaves (which do not taste like mint, with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese create one of the highest points of Italian regional cuisine.
  • Campiglia Marittima: the small town that stands out for its colorful houses and overlooks the promenade along the sea.
  • The visit of historic Genoa: the streets of the old city are a fascinating intertwining of medieval alleys that descend towards the waterfront. On the street you will have the opportunity to admire historic buildings, such as the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo dei Rolli.
  • Portovenere, a place where you really have to stop. The small village is full of typical coastal charm.
  • San Fruttuoso: here you will find a beautiful path that will take you to the small bay which can only be reached by boat. This place, isolated from the rest of the world, will fascinate you.
  • Varigotti beach, famous for its heavenly tranquility.
  • Ligurian wines: from Rossese di Dolceacqua to Sciacchetrà delle Cinque Terre, from Ormeasco di Pornassio to Vermentino dei Colli di Luni, the whole region offers fine wines.
  • The famous “Focca di Recca cheese”: thanks to this famous specialty, Recco has become the gastronomic capital of Liguria.
  • The visit to the city of witches: Triora an interesting medieval village known for a trial celebrated in 1588 which ended with the conviction for witchcraft of a group of local women as they were considered guilty of the famine of that period.
  • The visit to the Grotta di Toirano, here you can admire the signs of the passage of prehistoric man.
  • Finalborgo, one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”.
  • Dolceacqua, the small, medieval and picturesque town full of charm, with its bridge which is a jewel of lightness, as the impressionist painter Claude Monet described it.
  • The scents and colors of the products of the various Ligurian food markets.
  • The opportunity to swim and dive into the clear Ligurian waters to see the statue of Christ of the Abyss.
  • The Gulf of Poets in La Spezia: discover why famous poets, writers and artists of the past spent their holidays in the villages and small towns of this Gulf, enchanted by the superb and peaceful beauty of this corner of paradise.


GOLF IN ITALY – UNESCO Langhe Roero and Monferrato

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When you think of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, sweet hills covered with vineyards come to mind, small towns surrounded by fields, medieval churches and castles, aromas of wine, truffles and chestnuts … In general, a feeling of tranquility mixed with beauty: because the territory between the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo is truly a microcosm of different environments where man and nature have gone hand in hand for centuries. Unesco world heritage has obtained a coveted recognition, because here man and nature collaborated in full harmony and created landscapes and environments that make this land unique in its kind. Set in this splendid area, pleasant Golf Courses.


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One of the smallest regions in Italy but rich in history, traditions, tourism, cuisine and folklore. Let’s talk about Basilicata which in its small way truly enchants enchanted landscapes that make this reason a favorite destination for holidays, both in winter and in summer because the tourist offer is truly varied. In a very short time, in fact, it is possible to move from the peaks of the Pollino National Park to the white beaches and the turquoise sea of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coast; and then again, for those who are passionate about history, a great variety of castles, churches, theaters and ancient buildings. And finally, but not least, the pride of this region, the European capital of culture, Matera that you really can’t miss. Add to this an excellent Golf Course 10 minutes from the crystal clear sea. What else?


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Often overlooked by tourists compared to other more famous regions, such as Tuscany, Abruzzo is a territory that for natural beauty, history and culture has nothing to send to others, a tourist destination ready to surprise anyone. For those who love nature, in Abruzzo there is no lack of mountain areas (it is necessary to emphasize that the Gran Sasso of Italy is the highest mountain of all the Apennines), as is the sea, the Adriatic, which it bathes 130 km of coast. A vocation, that of contact with nature, which the same region remembers in its coat of arms, divided into three oblique bands of white color (which symbolizes the snowy mountains), green (which symbolizes the fertile hills) and blue (which obviously symbolizes the sea). If nature is the main business card, it is certainly not the only one. Equally fascinating are in fact the numerous small villages perched and perfectly integrated into the landscape, and it is no coincidence that Abruzzo is second in Italy among the regions with more countries reported by the association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. There are three Golf Courses, all perfect for enriching your Golf Experience in this beautiful region.


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Italy is a spectacular country and there are many reasons to choose it as a destination for your next Golf Experience without necessarily having to travel abroad. In particular, our coasts offer many places that are envied by everyone. One of these destinations is Sicily, where the sea, good food and architectural beauties make it one of the most beautiful regions of the whole peninsula. Sicily is a book of history and art history, a compendium of the greatest civilizations and cultures of all time. A sunny island, with a nature full of contrasts, with a splendid coast and a refined and tasty cuisine, flavors and aromas, all to try and enjoy. Each style, every movement of art is richly represented in Sicily, in cities such as Palermo, Catania, Caltanissetta, Enna, Syracuse, Ragusa, Trapani, Agrigento and Messina; in smaller towns, such as Cefalù, gathered around the Norman cathedral, or with its extraordinary baroque cathedral; or Taormina, with its splendid Greek-Roman theater.


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Elegant, noble: reserve corners of unmistakable splendor. Among islands and villas, gardens and enchanting landscapes here is what to see at Lake Maggiore. In winter as in summer, Lake Maggiore is tinged with a thousand colors: from the red of the leaves in autumn, to the intense green of spring, from the white of snow in January to the blue of the lake in July. Like a fjord, it stretches from Switzerland to Italy and connects, with its waters, Locarno to Arona and Stresa, enchanting and elegant lakeside villages. Around, 4 splendid Golf Courses that allow you to play in maximum tranquility and amenity.


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Landscapes, coves, monuments, botanical gardens, villages … Lake Como is a concentrate of beauty, attractions and things to see. The ideal place for your next Golf Experience. On the other hand, if for centuries it has been a place so loved by tourists from all over the world and by all genres, from politicians like John Fitzgerald Kennedy to VIPs like George Clooney, from Queen Victoria of England to Saudi princesses, if every year it is defined as the most beautiful lake in the world, there will be a reason, no?


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What do LeBron James and Bono Vox, Lapo and James Pallotta, Patrick Cutrone, Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey and Anastacia have in common? For their holidays all of them chose to make a stop on the Amalfi coast, moving between Positano, Amalfi and Cetrara. After all, how can we blame them? World Heritage Site and UNESCO site, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of just 50 km of the world famous coast of Campania, bordered by Positano and Vietri sul Mare. And the Golf? 3 courses not bad to intersperse with your precious free time.

GOLF IN ITALY: Emilia Romagna Region

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Excellent food, sea, entertainment, architecture and the most beautiful mosaics in the world: these are just some of the reasons that lead golfers to organize their Golf Experience in the beautiful Emilia Romagna region. One of the most beautiful regions of Italy, where gastronomy is king, including tagliatelle, tortellini, Parma ham and the famous Parmigiano Reggiano. But not only that, Emilia is also the land of artistic and architectural treasures, engines and fun, especially in summer. From the hills, to the sea, from large cities to small villages.

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