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Berlin, consecrated Kulturstadt, the city of German culture, for its immense cultural heritages of worldwide reach, is a city with a strong personality, which fascinates the many tourists and cultured visitors, who in every season of the year come together to admire its masterpieces and observe their transformations of places. Full of life and inhabited by citizens from the most disparate places in Europe and the world, Berlin is a “caput mundi” of culture and social life: it is welcoming, fun and multi-ethnic, free and unconventional, young, discontinuous and never banal.


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Paris is undeniably a city with many firsts, whose charm is difficult to match. As Ernest Hemingway wrote, for which Paris was one of his places of the heart, “there are only two places in the world where we can live happily: at home and in Paris”. In addition to being by far the most visited city in the world (28 million tourists per year, including 17 million foreigners), Paris has always been considered the most romantic and elegant city, as well as the capital of art and fashion. But not only. There are many reasons to visit Paris. And if you bring your golf bag with you …..


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Switzerland is the country of nature and alpine landscapes, but also of high-altitude crystalline lakes, snow, mountain villages, enchanting fauna and flora, without forgetting the goodness of its famous chocolate and the pure air that you breathe in these pristine spaces full of peace. If you are a lover of a Golf Experience in the mountains and nature and if you can’t stand the heat, a Golf Holiday in Switzerland is just what you need.


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Slovenia is a small European pearl to be discovered, nestled between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Karst. It is no coincidence that it is considered the green lung of Europe, it houses one of the largest biodiversities in the world and is the first country in the world to have been declared a green destination according to the standards of the Green Destinations organization. Beautiful golf courses distributed throughout the national territory which are relatively short of each other allowing for short transfers.


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Brittany is a splendid French region with a strong identity, slender towards the ocean. Cities, towns and villages with colorful half-timbered houses, or all in stone, coastal and frightening cliffs and beaches with crystal clear sea, forests, legends of magicians and knights, spectacular lighthouses the most beautiful in the world, music traditions, wind, rain and light and sun maybe on the same day, the home of the “crepe” and many other gastronomic products, inhabited by proud women and men of their region, attached to traditions but hospitable and open to the world. Organizing your next Golf Experience in Brittany never leaves you indifferent.


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Organizing a Golf Holiday in Wales can prove to be a unique experience: castles, green hills, spectacular coasts, steep mountains crossed by steam trains, typical pubs and the sparkling cultural life of the capital Cardiff make this part of the United Kingdom such an attractive destination as much as Scotland, England or neighboring Ireland. Off the beaten track, a Golf Experience through Wales will lead you to the discovery of an uncontaminated and suggestive landscape, and of centuries-old traditions.


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Known as Eastern Paris, Budapest is a city full of things to see and new experiences to live. The banks of the Danube, the shop windows, the outdoor cafes and the lively life are reminiscent of the French capital. But its majestic monuments and beautiful spas distinguish it from any other in the city. With the arrival of spring, the Hungarian city becomes a perfect destination to organize your next golf holiday. Budapest is a much loved destination both for its rich history and for those who want to relax, in fact the city is renowned for its spas.


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If this destination is called the island of beauty, there must be a reason. Wild. Corsica is the summer island par excellence: a primordial nature, 1000 kilometers of coastline between jagged and high cliffs, virgin beaches, small fishing villages where Napoleon’s presence hovers. The crystal clear beaches, the perched villages, the historic villages, the ancient alleys, the life of the island: your next Golf Holiday will give you magical and unforgettable moments, proving to be an intelligent and smart destination for those who want to discover enchanting views and also enjoy a lot of sea.


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Finland is a country of a thousand surprises, where you can admire unspoiled nature, visit dynamic cities and savor the taste of total relaxation. Organizing your next Golf Holiday in Finland in summer allows you to enjoy a mild climate, non-sultry temperatures and take advantage of the many hours of light that will accompany you until late at night. In summer temperatures can vary a lot, they can reach 25 ° in the south, but it is not excluded that they drop sharply, especially after mid-August, when the probability of rain increases and the summer season is drawing to a close. Finland, in the months from June to August, reaches up to almost 24 hours of light: every year it is traditional to celebrate the longest day of the year which coincides with the summer solstice (Juhannus).


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Vienna, the capital of Austria and the heart of Central Europe, is a romantic, elegant and lively city from a cultural and artistic point of view. The “City of Dreams” – as Vienna is nicknamed – is divided into 23 districts, and its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A carriage ride, a visit to the museums to appreciate the works of Schiele and Klimt, and a tasty stop at the Hotel Sacher, to taste a slice of the legendary cake of the same name, will make you fall in love with Vienna. In summer the colors come to life and the Prater (the city park) becomes an unmissable attraction!

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