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One of the most spectacular regions of Canada is that of British Columbia, an area located in the western part of the North American country, characterized by wild nature and the overwhelming beauty of its landscapes. Beautiful location to organize your next Golf Experience. Gateway to British Columbia is the city of Vancouver, however there are also other locations such as Victoria and Nelson, although the area is dominated by natural parks, mountains, lakes and rivers, ideal for activities such as rafting, hiking and climbing. Wide choice of spectacular golf courses of all levels of difficulty.


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«The Aloha State», the archipelago of wonders. The beaches (as beautiful as and even more than what is expected) volcanoes, canyons, tropical forests, waterfalls and rides between the plantations. The Hawaiian islands are identified almost par excellence with the thrill of the exotic, evoked by the distance that makes you dream: it is in fact the most remote archipelago in the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is 4,000 km from the coasts of the United States and 6,000 km from Japan. The archipelago consists mainly of eight islands, surrounded by numerous uninhabited rocks and islets: starting from west to east we find Niihau, called “the forbidden island”, privately owned, Kauai, Ohau, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe and Hawaii , the latter more commonly known also as “Big Island” so as not to confuse it with the whole archipelago.


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The Riviera Maya is one of the easy Golf Holidays because it can be chosen either to spend a week (at least) or more in a sunbathing position, changing at most one beach after another, or Playa del Carmen can, as in our case , become a good starting point to visit the nearby cenotes, to find some authentic Mexico by moving up to Valladolid, to admire the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and archaeological sites such as Tulum, to bathe in dream waters of – as the name suggests – Playa Paraiso.


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Why choose Alaska as your next Golf Experience? For the uncontaminated and wild nature. For one of the richest and most varied faunas in the country (bears, moose, caribou, rams, eagles, foxes, beavers etc ..). For the boundless spaces, for the millennial glaciers, for the highest and most fascinating mountain peaks and consequently for the considerable number of mountaineering and trekking paths. For browsing the breathtaking inlets of the Inside Passage and for a whole series of historical and literary motivations. And the Golf? I believe that writing what is in those Courses cannot be described. We just have to go and play to understand.

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