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Go beyond storytelling, experience Storyliving! 

Don’t dream it, BE IT.

Would you like to come to Italy to experience something really Unique, Memorable and Off the beaten tracks?

Then don’t think it twice and join US!

Our Storyliving Experts, charming and passionate travel designers, will lead you through an unforgettable journey. Together with our locals, you will live as a protagonist a lite role play  to accomplish a mission bound to the things you are most passionate with.

And when you will reach your achievement . . . there will be celebration!

We welcome those golfers who want to get involved, to spark their curiosity, to engage with new ideas and meet interesting authentic people through experiences that offer extensive local connections, our “stories” are  designed to educate and stimulate, engage and enlighten and have fun along the way.

Now you just have to choose the adventure you like the most . . . 


Emilia Romagna region

The Bolognan enogastronomic culture center “Giorgio Costa”, asked Mario, a well-known expert in local enogastronomy, to involve a group of international journalists to promote and clarify the history and culture of the true Bolognan tagliatelle and thus defend the dish from the many mystifications.

Did you receive the invitation to give your contribution to this important enogastronomic report? Then Mario is waiting for you to work and taste!

Mario will take you to discover the real recipe to prepare Bolognan tagliatelle through the discovery of historical documents, interviews and workshops. The real tagliatella will have no secret for you anymore!!


Lazio region

The inhabitants of Rome have lost memory of some of their monuments: medieval porticoes, friezes and stems of Egyptian and Greek granite have gradually become invisible to their eyes. So we want to create a group of “conceptual restorers” from all over the world, so that with their external eyes they can restore value and importance to some “monuments” of Rome that have become invisible due to neglect.

With your help we can give a new life to these ancient stones, so don’t miss the first inspection organized for tomorrow morning!

An archaeologist and professor at the University of Rome  will let you experience the scientific method of detection used by archaeologists, the so-called “conceptual restorers”. As a detective, you will rediscover what is now invisible. 

A unique experience that you can only live in Rome.

Tuscany region

Leone Amidei is the current executor of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti and, since the death of the last heir, it is the strenuous search for any other descendants to legitimize, to whom he can hand over the precious legacy of the famous artist.

I warn you that the next hearing will be in a week in Florence at Casa Buonarroti. If you are certain of being one of the last heirs of the great artist I suggest you arrive in time with pen and notebook and very well prepared to support the preliminary investigation.

Before the examination for the legacy of Michelangelo, We will help you enter his world thanks to an exploration of the works, the places where he lived, the thoughts and emotions of this great artist, so you will come to the understanding of his more intimate soul.

Piedmont region

We have organized an innovative master degree in enogastronomy of Piedmont, to allow enthusiasts to learn about local cuisine specialties and become “Senior Turin Tasters”.

The master will be very practical, you will learn the peculiarities of local products and you will have to show that you know how to buy, to the best value for money, at the market stalls of Porta Palazzo.

So, if you are passionate about local enogastronomy do not hesitate! Come in Piazza Palazzo di Città and don’t forget to bring your shopping bag.

You will immerse yourself in the typical Piedmontese flavors and in the largest outdoor market in Europe, a truly unique experience. You will buy the products and then you will have to prove that you have learned the lesson!

Puglia region

Archbishop Calabria commissioned to establish an international commission to unveil the famous “Enigma of Otranto”. The challenge is bold because it is not just a matter of finding and freeing the greatest medieval European mosaic from stucco but also of revealing the more hidden meaning that is hidden in “the Tree of Life”, an iconography of the ancient mosaic which, according to the legend, seems to date back to the myth of the Holy Grail.

We have already found the first clues; bring your history notes on medieval myths and legends and get ready to face the mystery!

We will guide you in a real cultural treasure hunt through the most secret passages of medieval Otranto. Between challenges and clues you will have to reconstruct the map of the ancient mosaic and reveal its deepest meaning. If you succeed in the enterprise you will find yourself face to face with … the Holy Grail.

Beautiful Otranto by Adriatic Sea, Puglia, Italy

Liguria region

We are firmly committed to celebrate Gina Grandma’s 110th birth anniversary, well-known for her wonderful pesto. The idea is to make the grandma’s original pesto together and then have a great banquet in her honor. But there is a problem: the recipe is not available because the mischievous grandma, passionate about puzzles, wrote only laconic clues, leaving posterity the burden of recreating her fragrant dish

Remember, take your shopping bag because you will have to hunt for ingredients around old typical shops and the market-stalls of Piazza Cavour Market.

We will help you immerse yourself in the Ligurian culinary tradition in Piazza Cavour Market in the historic center of La Spezia. Through tastings and tales you will discover the original recipe of the “mortar – pesto” and we will celebrate the challenge together.

Basilicata region

The people of Matera are by now tired of the continuous abuses perpetrated by the Count Giancarlo Tramontano and today, December 29th 1514, we are all summoned in front of the Castle, to Brunetta, the brave daughter of the gunsmith. Brunetta has called together the most intrepid citizens to arm them and promote an uprising in order to drive out the evil and hated Count.

Come quick, time is our enemy! Bring weapons and sticks to make this moment, so important for our town, epic!

We will take you to relive an episode that really happened in the Renaissance history of Matera. You will discover the reasons why the Tramontano Castle has remained incomplete and you will relive the feelings that moved the population to hunt the tyrant. The fascinating historical center of Matera will be our stage.

Campania region

Giuliana Nocciola and Emanuele Cioccolato decided to celebrate their wedding in Giffoni, the village of Hazelnut PGI. The organization is entrusted to an expert in hazelnut and an associate of “La Città Della Nocciola”. For the event she will need help from specialized chefs and dining room staff, of course musicians and dancers cannot miss.

Don’t hold back, you too have been recruited to prepare the party! We waiting for you at “Villa Rizzo” and don’t forget to bring an umbrella underwire!

You will be immersed  in the world of Giffoni PGI hazelnuts in a dream location. Among hazelnut trees and hazelnut-based cooking class, you will relive the party of an Italian wedding with traditional songs and dances and learn to use umbrella underwire in a very unusual way.

Umbria region

Veronica, a scholar of medieval history, is looking for funding for research with which she wants to prove that textile skills of the artisans of Sant Anatolia date back to the 8th century, namely to the time of Duke Faroaldo II. Few days left before the deadline to participate in the European ban which will finance future research and Veronica asks for help from her colleagues at the University.

Do you want to help Veronica unravel the mystery? 

We will lead you to the origins of the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle, you will learn about the traditions of the Valnerina and Sant’Anatolia di Narco, a picturesque village, known for the Canvas Museum. You will experience the weaving of canvas with an ancient loom and a tasting of typical products.

Sicily region

Saro’s cousins ​​live abroad, they come to Acireale for the first time and they dream of finding their roots, the sea and the lands they had never seen before and meeting their relatives they have never met. Saro organizes the meeting with Giuseppe, “Pepè”, the only cousin who has decided to continue the profession of grandparents and of great-grandparents: fishing. It will surely be an exciting moment even if it won’t be easy to understand each other, Pepè only speaks the Sicilian dialect! 

Do you feel ready to learn the ancient secrets of fishing and find your roots? Saro awaits you at sunset in the square of Acireale!

We will help you immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture connected with the sea and fishing. On a trekking path immersed in the typical Mediterranean nature with a breathtaking view and fishing at sunset will be a truly memorable experience.


For each region there is a Post which lists everything you can choose to do, all the experiences you can participate in.

You will also find the best and most important Golf Courses and their location.

Choose a start date and an end date golf vacation, choose the experiences that satisfy you most, choose the Golf Courses where you want to vent your passion.

With all these precious indications we will build the best Golf Experience for you.


Send us a simple email, ask, get informed, be curious. The more you know about GOLF EXPERIENTIAL TOURISM IN ITALY and the more you realize the value you give to your precious free time.