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Organizing a Golf Holiday in Wales can prove to be a unique experience: castles, green hills, spectacular coasts, steep mountains crossed by steam trains, typical pubs and the sparkling cultural life of the capital Cardiff make this part of the United Kingdom such an attractive destination as much as Scotland, England or neighboring Ireland. Off the beaten track, a Golf Experience through Wales will lead you to the discovery of an uncontaminated and suggestive landscape, and of centuries-old traditions.


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«The Aloha State», the archipelago of wonders. The beaches (as beautiful as and even more than what is expected) volcanoes, canyons, tropical forests, waterfalls and rides between the plantations. The Hawaiian islands are identified almost par excellence with the thrill of the exotic, evoked by the distance that makes you dream: it is in fact the most remote archipelago in the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is 4,000 km from the coasts of the United States and 6,000 km from Japan. The archipelago consists mainly of eight islands, surrounded by numerous uninhabited rocks and islets: starting from west to east we find Niihau, called “the forbidden island”, privately owned, Kauai, Ohau, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe and Hawaii , the latter more commonly known also as “Big Island” so as not to confuse it with the whole archipelago.


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Known as Eastern Paris, Budapest is a city full of things to see and new experiences to live. The banks of the Danube, the shop windows, the outdoor cafes and the lively life are reminiscent of the French capital. But its majestic monuments and beautiful spas distinguish it from any other in the city. With the arrival of spring, the Hungarian city becomes a perfect destination to organize your next golf holiday. Budapest is a much loved destination both for its rich history and for those who want to relax, in fact the city is renowned for its spas.


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If this destination is called the island of beauty, there must be a reason. Wild. Corsica is the summer island par excellence: a primordial nature, 1000 kilometers of coastline between jagged and high cliffs, virgin beaches, small fishing villages where Napoleon’s presence hovers. The crystal clear beaches, the perched villages, the historic villages, the ancient alleys, the life of the island: your next Golf Holiday will give you magical and unforgettable moments, proving to be an intelligent and smart destination for those who want to discover enchanting views and also enjoy a lot of sea.


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The Bahamas archipelago is the northernmost of the Caribbean: 30 inhabited islands out of 700 total, fine sand beaches like talc and a turquoise horizon as far as the eye can see. The sea is always the protagonist, but be careful to choose the right island, because a holiday in the Bahamas can take on completely different tones: infinite possibilities for fun and entertainment in Grand Bahama and New Providence, or deserted beaches and absolute relaxation in the Out Islands.
The welcome of the Bahamians, however, is warm everywhere, whatever island you choose.


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Finland is a country of a thousand surprises, where you can admire unspoiled nature, visit dynamic cities and savor the taste of total relaxation. Organizing your next Golf Holiday in Finland in summer allows you to enjoy a mild climate, non-sultry temperatures and take advantage of the many hours of light that will accompany you until late at night. In summer temperatures can vary a lot, they can reach 25 ° in the south, but it is not excluded that they drop sharply, especially after mid-August, when the probability of rain increases and the summer season is drawing to a close. Finland, in the months from June to August, reaches up to almost 24 hours of light: every year it is traditional to celebrate the longest day of the year which coincides with the summer solstice (Juhannus).


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The Riviera Maya is one of the easy Golf Holidays because it can be chosen either to spend a week (at least) or more in a sunbathing position, changing at most one beach after another, or Playa del Carmen can, as in our case , become a good starting point to visit the nearby cenotes, to find some authentic Mexico by moving up to Valladolid, to admire the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and archaeological sites such as Tulum, to bathe in dream waters of – as the name suggests – Playa Paraiso.


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Ecotourism paradise, between waterfalls, rain forests and thousands of animal and plant species. Located in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea, a few kilometers from the coasts of Venezuela, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the largest of a group of islets characterized by white beaches, crystal clear sea and breathtaking backdrops. If you are looking for a biodiversity golf holiday, this is the paradise on earth for you. 450 species of birds, 620 different butterflies, 108 types of mammals and 55 different reptiles live here. In addition, in these islands you can cross tropical forests, visit waterfalls and caves, observe turtles on the beach and dive among the clear waters inhabited by colorful fish.


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Vienna, the capital of Austria and the heart of Central Europe, is a romantic, elegant and lively city from a cultural and artistic point of view. The “City of Dreams” – as Vienna is nicknamed – is divided into 23 districts, and its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A carriage ride, a visit to the museums to appreciate the works of Schiele and Klimt, and a tasty stop at the Hotel Sacher, to taste a slice of the legendary cake of the same name, will make you fall in love with Vienna. In summer the colors come to life and the Prater (the city park) becomes an unmissable attraction!


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Flanders is a picturesque Belgian region located north of Brussels, this area of Belgium so romantic and full of history. Numerous canals pass through the center of the small urban centers of Flanders which maintain their medieval appearance in excellent condition, while the delicious scent of chocolate and fries spreads in the air, the two specialties of the area. Long and relaxing walks allow you to better visit the main towns of the area, while a capillary boat service guarantees, in times of need, a little rest associated with an alternative vision of the main buildings and historic centers.

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