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New Caledonia = ATTRACTION !! The fundamental reason for attraction certainly lies in the extraordinary beauty of nature and the sea: many stretches of the large lagoon that surrounds Grande Terre and the Isle of Pines, and the entire lagoon of the island of Ouvea, are Unesco heritage. Those who practice diving will appreciate it even more, but even only by snorkeling you can admire corals with amazing colors and sizes and many fish and sea creatures also near the shore. 5 beautiful golf courses await you.


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Known as Eastern Paris, Budapest is a city full of things to see and new experiences to live. The banks of the Danube, the shop windows, the outdoor cafes and the lively life are reminiscent of the French capital. But its majestic monuments and beautiful spas distinguish it from any other in the city. With the arrival of spring, the Hungarian city becomes a perfect destination to organize your next golf holiday. Budapest is a much loved destination both for its rich history and for those who want to relax, in fact the city is renowned for its spas.

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